Arianna Zamorano-Module 6

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Question Answer
What is an algebraic expression?an expressions that contains at least one variable
What is distrubutive property?for all real numbers a,b,and c,a(b*c)=ab+ac and a(b-c)=ab-ac
What is a factor?a number that is multiplied by another to get a product
What is a variable?a symbol used to represent a quantity that can change
Formulas for equationsp*+q=r and p(x+q)=r
Formula for two-step equationa+b*b
Steps for adding and subtracting algebraic expressions1)write expressions 2)add/subtract expressions
Steps for writing two step equations1)Identify what you find 2)Identify important information 3)use words to write a problem
Steps for multiplying and dividing algebraic expression1)write equation 2)solve equation by using inverse operation 3)convert to fractions