Arianna Zamorano -Module 3

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Question Answer
What is additive inverse?the opposite of a number
What is a complex fraction?fraction that has a fraction in its numerator,denominator,or both
What is repeating decimal?a decimal in which one or more digits repeat infinitely
What is a rational numbers?any number that can be expressed as a ratio two intergers
What are the rules for dividing rational numbers?dividing rational number same as divding intergers
What is a terminating deciamal?a decimal whose repeating digit is 0
What are the steps for adding rational numbers?1.use a postive number 2. find the number,3.Start at the number,4.Move the number
What are the steps for subtracting rational number?1.find the number ,2.start at the number,3.move the number
What are the steps for multiplying rational numbers?1.use a negative number,2.find the number,3.start at 0,and move the number
What are the steps for dividing rational numbers?1.use a negative number ,2.Find the number,3.determine the sign of the quotient.,4.divide
Addition property of opposite formulap-(-p)=0
Adding the oppositep-q=pp=p+(-q)
Distance between two numbers a-b or b-a