Arianna Zamorano -Module 2

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Question Answer
What is dividend?the number you are dividing by in a division problem
What is a divisor?the number to be divided in a division problem
What is Distrubutive property?for all real numbers,a,b,and c,a(b+c) and a(b-c)=ab-ac
What is the order or operation?first do the parentheses,then powers or roots,then multiply or divide,after,add or subtract
What is the Multiplication property of zero?the property that states fro all real numbers
Dividing intergers formulas-(p/q)=(-p/)q+p/(-q)
Mutliplying zero intergers formula(-1)(-1)=1
What are the steps for multplying intergers?1)determine the sign of the product 2)find the absolute value of the numbers and mulitply them 3)assign the correct sign to the product
What are the steps to divide intergers?1)determine the sign of the quotient 2)divide