Arianna Zamorano-Module 1

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Question Answer
What is the absolute value?the distance of a number from zero on a number line shown by 11
What is the Associatiive property of Addition?states that for all real numbers a,b,and c,the sum is always the same ,regardless of their grouping
What is Communtive property of addition?states that two or more numbers can be added in any order without changing the sum
What is Identify property of zero?states that the sum of zero and any number is that number
What are the steps for adding intergers?First.find out what are the signs.Second,change the operation.Third, solve
What are the steps for subtracting intergers?First write a subtraction expression.Second, find the difference
Adding with different sign formula?p-q=p+q
Subtracting formula-a-(-b)=a-b
Additive inverse formulap-(q)=p+q
Addition and Subtraction of intergers formula-a-a+c=-a+c