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Sectioon1 vocab

Question Answer
1.Clansextended family
2.Shintothe traditional religion of Japan
3.Prince Shotoku one of the people most influential in bringing Chinese ideas
4.Regenta person who rules a country for someone who is unable to rule a lone

Section2 vocab

Question Answer
5.Court a group of nobles who love near and serve or advise a ruler
6.Lady Murasabi ShikubuOne of the greatest writers in early Japanese history
7.Zena popular new form of Buddhism that arrived from China

Section3 vocab

Question Answer
8.Unprecedented having no equal
9.Equestrian related to horses
10.Musteredgathered together
11.Brocadesrich cloths with designs woven into them
12.Inferioritylower rank
15.Unpretentious simple ;modest
16.Cornetssmall crowns
17. DaimyoJapan's large owners
18.Samuraitrained professional warriors
19.Figureheada person who appears to rule even though real powers rests with someone else
20.Shogun a general who ruled Japan in the emperors name
21.Bushidothe samurai code of rules was known
22.Cormorantslarge diving birds
section 1 IR
1.Why is most of Japans land hilly,and not flat?:the island of Japan are on top of undersea mountains and volcanoes.
2.What geographic feature is probably the main reason why Japans early culture was so distinct from that of other parts of Asia?:sea
3.What was the unit of political life in early Japan?:Clans
4.For about how many centuries was Chinese the official language of Japan?:500-1100 Chinese was the official language
5.Why the clan leaders did not want a Chines-style rule?:afraid to give up their power
Section 1
1 a . What types of landforms cover most of Japan?:mountains
1 b . How did Japans location both separate it from and tie it to China and Korea?:Japan is close to the sea and far enough from China and Korea .But Japan could create its own culture and borrow ideas from China.
2a .What is Shinto?:traditional religion
2 b . How did the Yamato rulers gain power?:built armies and conqured their height until they rules Honshu
3a. How did Prince Shotoku help spread Buddhism in Japan? :built temples and interpretations of Buddhism teachings
3 b. What do you think was the most important idea the Japanese borrowed from China or Korea?:Confusionism because it show why families should behave:Buddhism because it became so popular
4.Japan no influence ideas:Language,Culture,Buddhism,Government,and Confusian ideas
    Japan influence ideas:Chines language,Chinese and Korea culture,Buddhism,Government from China,Shinto,Clan system
Section 2
1a . Where did Japan court move in the late 1700 s?:Japan
1b. Why are the 800 s to the 1100 s considered a golden age fro Japanese literature and art?:supported the arts and made great advanced
1c. Do you think women in Helain had more rights and freedoms than women in other societies?why or why not?:expressed themselves in writing
2a .What were two forms of Buddhism that developed in Japan?:Peace land and Zen
2b. How was religion among the common place?:japan form of Buddhism led to wisdom,Peace land ,chanted Buddhism
3 .Japanese arts:Architecture ,city;Visual art,literature and calligraphy;Fashion ,long gowns of 12 layers and fans;literature,writing about every day life,Performing arts,drama
1a. What was the relationship between samurai and daimyo?:worked fro the emeperor
1b.Why do you think the first shogun wanted to keep the emeperor as a figure head/the shogun was doing all the war work,emeperor was just the person supposely doing it
2a. What was Bushido?:the samurai code of rules
2b.Why did samurai take up pursuits like flower arranging?;improve their discipline life
3a.Who invaded Japan in the 1270 s and 1280 s ?:Mongols
3b.How did the daimyo help weaken the shoguns?:by breaking the shogun control]
4.What strong leaders worked to unify Jaoan in the late 1500 s?:Oda Nobumaga
5.Samurai life :improve discipline life,Honor,Bushido,defend and protect the daimyo lands,loyal,and adopted Zen Buddhism to stressed self-discpline mediation

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