Arianna Zamorano-Lets look at the world Religion Islam

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Islam surrender
Who are the people that follow of Islam?Muslims that subbit
Who is the founder of Islam?Muhammad
What is Quar'an?The holy book of Islam,that is revealed by Muhammad.
When was Muhammad was born?570 C.E
What did Mecce workship to?Mecce workship more god prayer
Who did Muhammad grew up with ?Muhammad raised by his orphan uncle ,his was a merchant
Muhammad life When he was 40 years ,he mediate at Janmar
JeuyrusalemMuhammad went to jeurusalem,it was 1,000 miles away.It was the 3 holy city

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What are the three holy city,in order?1,Mecca 2.Medina 3.Jeurusalem
HirjiaReligion of Medina
CalligraphyDecorative design
ShiaOne of Muhammad relative ,should be a leader
SunniMajority of Musims say,Muhammad did not leave any directions,is up to them to choose
Naldiguideing one
1 of the relgion of the Muslims dutiesStatement of Belief
2 religion of Muslims DutiesPray 5 times a day
3 religion of Muslims Dutiesfast for a certain time period (going without eating)
4 religion of Muslims DutiesRich gave money for the poor
5 religion of Muslims DutiesPilgrimage -a holy trip to mecca(Hojj)

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Ramadaa holy month,Start on June 6
What time do Muslim eat?Before sun up-after sun down
Idual FitrA festival in that relgion celebrate
KuamdaMuslims need to walk it seven times
Berthaa cloth that cover your whole body ,expect your eyes or face