Arianna Zamorano-Chapter 7 Medieval China

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Question Answer
1.How long did the period of disunion lasted?220-589 A.D
2.Who was the first Sui ruler?Yang Jian
3.How long did the Sui dynasty lasted for?589-61829 years
4.Who were the three important Tang rulers?Taizong,Xuanzong,and Empress Wu
5.What did Buddhist taught ?Buddhist teaching people can escape suffering and achieve a state of peace
6.What is porcelain?a thin beautiful pottery
7.What is gunpowder?a mixture of powders use in guns and explosives
8.What is woodblock printing?a form of printing in which an entire page is carved into a block of wood that is covered with ink and then pressed against paper
9.How did fast-ripening rice help farmers?It help by growing two or three crops at a time
10.What is the new version of Confucianism?NWhat eo-Confucianism
11.What is bureaucracy?body elected of unelected government official
12.What is a civil service?service as a government official
13.What is a school-official?an educated member of the government
14.How many years did it took the Mongol armies to take over of all of China?1211-122716 years
15.Kublai Khan appreciated the most of the two aspects?the civil service and trade routes
16.Why was the Great Wall of China was built for?The wall was built for protection from invaders
17.What is the isolationism policy result?a weakness that allowed opportunistic Westerners to seize considerable power in some parts of China
18.Who was Genghis Khan?powerful leader who united the Mongols
19.Who was Kublai Khan?Genghis grandson,that completed all conquest of all China
20.Who was Zheng He?famous seafaring voyager of the Ming dynasty
21.What is isolationism?a policy of removing a country from contact with other countries
22.What did Marco Polo wrote books about?-his visits to China.
23.What is a Chinese discovery?-tea
24.What is not a Chinese invention of the Tang and Song dynasty?-crop irrigation