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Section 1

Question Answer
DythamPolice officer, omission. Wilful neglect of duty
Pittwoodfailure to do job
Adomakoduty of anaesthetist
Millercreation of risk
Gibbons and ProctorParents
Stone v Dobinsonassumed Doc
Ruffelldrug dealer was guilty, were friends, was in house, attempts to revive
Evans (Gemma)created dangerous situation, failure to seek attention

Section 2

Question Answer
2 principlesFactual and legal
FactualI) But for II) substantial cause
Whitedidn't satisfy but for
Dallowaycouldn't prevent consequence, no causation
Jordanbreak in the chain (medical)
Smithif at the time of death the wound is still operating and substantial cause - no break in chain
Blauethin skull
Cheshireneg treatment must be so independent and so potent in causing death that D's contribution is insignificant
LongbottonD's contrib neg no defence unless gross
Dearcontrib neg, opened wounds. No break
Robertsreasonable act of V
Dhaliwalsuicide will break chain if free, deliberate and informed. If caused by D due to mental illness, D can be guilty