AQA GCSE Geography Tropical Storms Casestudy 2

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Economic Effects: How much did Hurricane Katrina cost?Total of around $108-220 billion of damage
Economic Effects: How many jobs were lost due to Hurricane Katrina?230,000 jobs were lost from businesses that were damaged or destroyed
Economic Effects: Oil platforms and Hurricane Katrina?30 offshore oil platforms sunk or went missing. This increased the price of fuel
Economic Effects: Shops and Hurricane Katrina?Shops in New Orleans were looted by residents in the days after the hurricane
Economic Effects: How much did Cyclone Nargis cost?Total of around $4 billion of damage
Economic Effects: Cyclone Nargis and livelihoods?Millions of people lost their livelihoods
Economic Effects: Animals, crops and foodstores Cyclone Nargis?200,000 farm animals were killed, crops were lost and over 40% of food stores were destroyed

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Environmental Effects: Hurricane Katrina?The hurricane caused the sea to flood parts of the land. This destroyed some coastal habitats, e.g. sea turtle breeding beaches
Environmental Effects: Cyclone Nargis and coastal habitatsCoastal habitats such as mangrove forests were damaged
Environmental Effects: Cyclone Nargis and salinity?The salinity (salt content) of soil in some areas has increased because of flooding by seawater. This means it's more difficult for plants to grow

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Short-term Responses: How many people were given temporary shelter during Hurricane Katrina (and where)?About 25,000 people were given temporary shelter at a sports stadium (the Louisiana Superdome) immediately after the storm
Short-term Responses: What happened during the storm in Hurricane Katrina?During the storm the coast guard, police, fire service, army and volunteers rescued over 50,000 people.
Short-term Responses: Burma's Government Cyclone Nargis?Burma's Government initially refused to accept any foreign aid. Aid workers were only allowed in 3 weeks after the disaster occured
Short-term Responses: Cyclone Nargis and the UN?The UN launched a massive appeal to raise money to help respond to the disaster

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Long-term Responses: Hurricane Katrina and flood defences?The US government has spent over $800 million on rebuilding flood defences
Long-term Responses: Hurricane Katrina - how much money has been set aside and why?Around $34 billion has been set aside for the rebuilding of things like houses and schools
Long-term Responses: Cyclone Nargis?Burma is relying on international aid to repair the damage - fewer than 20,000 homes have been rebuilt and half a million survivors are still living in temporary shelters