APWH "Must-Know" Dates

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Foundations (8000 B.C.E. - 600 C.E.

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8000 B.C.E.Beginnings of agriculture
3000 B.C.E.Beginnings of Bronze Age - early civ's
1300 B.C.E.Iron Age
6th Century B.C.E.Life of Buddha, Confucius, Lao Tsu (beginnings of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism)
5th Century B.C.E.Greek Golden Age - philosophers
403-221 B.C.E.Era of Warring States
323 B.C.E.Alexander the Great dies
221 B.C.E.Qin unified China
184 B.C.E.Fall of Mauryan Dynasty
32 C.E.Beginnings of Christianity
180 C.E.end of Pax Romana
220 C.E.end of Han Dynasty
312 C.E.Emperor Constantine converts to Christianity
333 C.E.Roman capital moved to Constantinople
4th Century C.E.Beginnings of Trans-Saharan Trade Routes
476 C.E.Fall of Rome
527 C.E.Justinian rule of Byzantine Empire
550 C.E.Fall of Gupta Dynasty/Empire

600 - 1450

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632 C.E.Founding of Islam
c. 730 C.E.Printing invented in China
732 C.E.Battle of Tours (end of Muslim move into France)
c. 900 C.E.Decline of Classical Maya
1054 C.E.Great Schism in Christian Church
1066 C.E.Norman conquest of England
1071 C.E.Battle of Manzikert (Seljuk Turks defeat Byz)
1095 C.E.1st Crusade
1206 C.E.Genghis Khan begins Mongol Conquests
1258 C.E.Mongols sack Baghdad, end of Abbasid caliphate
1271-1295 C.E.Marco Polo travels
1279-1368 C.E.Yuan (Mongol) Dynasty in China
1324 C.E.Mansa Musa's pilgrimage
1325-1349 C.E.travels of Ibn Battuta
1347-1348 C.E.Bubonic plague in Europe
1433 C.E.end of Zheng He's voyages/Rise of Ottomans
1438 C.E.Rise of inca Empire

1450 - 1750

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1453Ottomans capture Constantinople
1450'sPrinting Press in Europe (Gutenberg)
c 1480'sHeight of Aztec Empire
1488Dias rounded Cape of Good Hope
1492Columbus sailed the ocean blue/ Reconquista of Spain
1502Slaves to America
1517Martin Luther/95 theses
1521Cortez conquered the Aztecs
15291st unsuccessful Ottoman siege of Vienna (under Suleiman)
1533Pizarro toppled the Inca
1545Discovery of silver at Potosí
1571Battle of Lepanto, (naval defeat of Ottomans)
15711st Manila Galleon (global trade)
1588defeat of the Spanish Armada by the British
1600Battle of Sekigahara - beginning of Tokugawa
1607foundation of Jamestown
1618-164830 years war
1644end of Ming/beg of Qing Dynasty
16832nd unsuccessful Ottoman siege of Vienna (under Mehmet)
1689Glorious Revolution/English Bill of Rights

1750 - 1914 (Industrial Revolution)

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1756-17637 years war/French and Indian War
1767invention of the Spinning Jenny
1776American Revolution/Smith writes Wealth of Nations
1789French Revolution
1796Jenner's smallpox vaccine
1804Haitian independence
1807British abolish Trans-Atlantic slave trade
1807-1808Janissary Revolt
1815Congress of Vienna
1820sIndependence of Latin America
18391st opium war in China
1839-1878Tanzimat Reforms
1848Marx & Engles write Communist Manifesto
1848-1849European revolutions
1853Commodore Perry opens Japan
1857Sepoy Mutiny
1861end of Russian serfdom
1861-1865U.S. Civil War
1861-1870Italian Unification
1863Emancipation Proclamation in US
1871German unification
1885Berlin Conference - division of Africa
1893New Zealand grants women suffrage
1896Battle of Adowa (Ethiopians defeat Italians)
1898Spanish-American War - US acquires Philippines, Cuba, Guam, & Puerto Rico
1899-1902Boer War - British in control of South Africa
1905Russo-Japanese war
1910-1920Mexican Revolution
1911Chinese Revolution
1914-1918World War I

1900 - Present

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1905Russo Japanese War
1910-20Mexican Revolution
1911Chinese Revolution (end of Qing)
1917 MarchRussian Revolution (Czar abdicates)
1917 Oct/NovRussian Revolution (Bolshevik)
1919Treaty of Versailles - end of WWI
1928Kellogg-Briand Pact
1929stock market crash
1931Japanese invasion of Manchuria
1935Italian invasion of Ethiopia
1937Japanese invasion of (rest of) CHina (rape of Nanjing)
1939German blitzkrieg in Poland
1941Pearl Harbor, entry of US into WWII
1945 FebYalta Conference (Beg. of COld War?)
1945 AugHiroshima/Nagasaki
1945 Septend of WWII (Japan Surrenders)
1947 JuneTruman Doctrine ("official" decl. of Cold War)
1947 Augindependence & partition of India
1948birth of Israel
1948-49Berlin Blockade/Airlift
1949 AprNATO founded
1949 OctChinese Communist Revolution
1950-1953Korean War
1954Vietnam expels France (Dien Bien Phu)
1955Bandung Conference
1956 FebKhrushchev begins de-Stalinization
1956 FallNationalization of Suez Canal
1959Cuban Revolution
1962Cuban missile crisis
1966-1976Chinese Cultural Revolution
19676-day war
1973Yom Kippur war
1979Iranian Revolution
1979China begins "Socialist Market Economy" reforms (Deng Xiaoping)
19871st Palestinian Intifada
1989 JuneTiananmen Square
1989 NovFall of Berlin Wall
1990Namibia gains independence (last African colony)
1991 Jan1st Persian Gulf War
1991 DecUSSR disbands
1994 Apr-Julgenocide in Rwanda
1994 Apr1st all race elections in S. Africa
20019/11 Attacks
2003US invades Iraq
2004Facebook founded
2007Global "Great Recession" begins
2011Wikileaks, "Arab Spring" democracy