APUSH Unit 1

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Section 1

Question Answer
PresidiosSpanish Forts (Saint Augustine)
Prince Henry the NavigatorNavigation school, peeps went to Africa (led to slaving posts)
Bartholomew DiazCape of Good Hope (South Africa)
Vasca Da GammaAsian Diaz Route (Portugal -> India)
Pedro CabralOff course, ended staking Portugals claim in New World
WaldseemullerGerman cartographer who named America
Gerhardus MercatorApplied name "America" also to north
Treaty of TordesillasPope split lands between Spain and Portugal
Pope AlexanderMade treaty of tordesillas and created line of demarcation
Vasco Numes de BalboaShortest way across America (Panama)

Section 2

Question Answer
Ferdinand MagellanPortugese, found under SA (Magellana straights)
Juan Ponce de LeonLooked in FL for fountain of youth
Hernando De SotoSE of US looking for gold
Francisco CoronadoSW looking for cities of gold, NM, AZ, TX
Francisco PizarroExpedition to Andes and found incas
Bartolome de Las CasasTried to save natives by importing African slaves
John CabotItalian to Newfoundland
Giovanni VerrazanClaimed east coast
Mary TudorBloody mary
Francis DrakeClaimed California for Britain and stole Spanish gold

Section 3

Question Answer
Martin FrosbisherScouted newfoundland for colony spot
Humphrey GilbertOutpost in newfoundland but was bad and died
Promoters AnthonyMade people come to new world by promoting it to them
Captain Christopher NewportSettled jamestown
OpechancanoughPowatans bro who wanted to kill the english
YeardlyRoyal governor of Virginia
Sir Edmund SandysPlymouth company, told puritans it would be ok to go to new world
Captain Miles StandishMilitary officer of pilgrims
Governor William BradfordAbandoned communal living and distributed land amongst people
John WinthropLeader of puritans

Section 4

Question Answer
Nathaniel HawthorneWrote the Scarlet Letter
Scarlet LetterAbout Salem law with cloth 'A's for adulterers
Thomas HookerMade Connecticut, found puritans too lax
Cecilius CalvertApproved act of toleration
Geroge CalvertLord of Baltimore, founds Maryland
Van RenssaelervwyckHug land owner in New York (New Netherland)
George FoxFounded Pennsylvania, quaker preacher
Ashley CooperWrote fundamental constitution of carolinas (blueprint for rigid society)
Colonel James OglethorpeFortress colony in GA
Oliver CromwellDictator of New England

Section 5

Question Answer
Increase MathersSent to revive colonies, and remove Gov Andros
Peter MinuirPurchased manhattan island
Samuel de ChamplainMade Quebec
Louis JolietJesuit priest in mississippi
Jacques MarquetteJesuit priest in mississippi
Pierre Le MoyneMakes New Orleans and Lousiana

Section 6

Question Answer
John WoolmanQuestioned quaker slavery
Anthony BenezetQuestioned quaker slavery
William of OrangeNice king of England
Albany Plan of Union1754