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what was happening in america 1600scolonizing
religious movement 1700sgreat awakening, sinners in the hands of an angry god, jonathan edwards
war 1700s, colonists fight for britainfrench and indian war, britain wins but it costs colonists a ton of money in the form of taxes
what do indians get out of the french and indian warproclamation of 1763- all land in the west is for the natives
tariffs put by england on colonists1760s- stamp act, declatory act, townshend act
revolutionary war, when, where was the start 1775-lexington and concord.
when was the constituion (not articles) done1789, bill of rights 1791 to satisfy anti federalists
is america welcoming late 1700s?no. 1797- xyz affair, alien and sedition acts, kentucky and virginia resolutions by madison and jefferson saying a and s acts are illegal
who wins election of 1800jefferson
important supreme court justice, est whatmarshall, est federalism, supremacy of nationa gov, judicial review, contracts always binding
1800s landjefferson, Louisianna purchase
1800s america relations w britainjefferson's embargo, restricting international trade w us causes war of 1812 in which us got mad at brit for not leaving
era of good feelings1815-24, monroes presidency, weath, 1 party, nationalism
land acquired 1800sadams onis treaty gives us florida, missouri compromise, annex texas
how does america stand its ground 18001823-monroe doctrine
american and indian relations 18001830 indian removal act, 1838 trail of tears,
us and latin america 18001846- mexican american war bc we want land, 1848- treaty of guadalupe hidalgo- america gets land west of texas
big issue 1800sslavery- 1820-missouri compromise, compromise of 1850 , 1854-kansas nebraska act. republican party forms 1854 and they have a no slavery platform, 1863- lincoln emancipation proclamation, 1865- 13th amendment, so slavery
1860s problem in us civil war
technology 1800s1869- transcontinental railroad, standard oil company
how did technology impact people1860s-80s-railroad strike, hayarket square riots, american federation of labor, homestead strike, pullman strike
indian relations late 1800sbattle of little bighorn- indians win, dawes severalty act- forced assimilation, wounded knee massacre- siouz destroyed
important 1890 legislationsherman anti trust act
important case late 18901896- plessy v fergusen- separate but =
late 1800s warspanish american war- phillippines, puerto rico, guam
trade policy 1899open door policy- free trade for everyone w china
us extends power, declaration 1900s1904- roosevelt corollary- us will use force to protect econ interest
banking early 1900sfedera reserve system, clayton anti trust act
big early 1900 event1917-WORD WAR 1, us enters w allied powers- france, gb, usa, russia bc germans sink lusitania. ends w treaty of versailles where germany gets destroyyyeedddd
president ww1wilson
what does wilson want concerning ww114 points, league of nations
dumb amendment 1900s1919- 18th amendment prohibition
1920s conservatismpalmer raids, national origins act, scopes trial
1920 super cool amendment19th- womens suffrage
1920s shiiitttty eventgreat depression 1929
hoover tries fixing depressed economy throughhawley smoot tariff
fdr tris fixing economy1933- first new deal- recovery, relief, reform
fdr new foreign policy1933- good neighbor policy- we wont interfere w latin america
screws up a lot of america in the west near great depressiondust bowl 1935
legislation people 1930swagner act- 1935, social security act
us gets involved w ww2lend and lease act- 1940, pearl harbor bombing-1941
1940s conservatismjapanese internment camps 1942, taft hartley act 1947, mccarthy 1950, julius and ethel rosenberg executed 1953
economic depressionspanic of 1837- jackson forces land to be paid in gold, panic of 1893- railroads overextend, great depression-1929
cold war egislation1947- truman doctrine, marshall plan
important legislation 1940s securitynationa security act- creats cia, dpt of defense bc perceived threats from soviet union. 1947
us first big alliance1949- NATO
supreme court case 1950sbrown v board- separate but = is unequal 1954
civil rights 1950-60s1955- montgomery bus boycott, 60 greensboro sit ins, freedom riders 61, march on WA 63
johnsons domestic policy plangrat society, 1964
vietnam war picks up wguf of tonkin resolution 1964; tet offensive 68

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