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Question Answer
buy now, pay laterinstallment plans
important carmodel t
first suburban shopping centercountry club plaza
first flapperclara bow in the movie it
sound moviestalkies
first talkiethe jazz singer
increase appeal of jazzphonograph
highlight scandalstabloids
radio gets bigkdka
radio show, racistamos n andy
lmts japanese immigrationgentleman's agreement
cuts immigration quotas to 2% of each nationalitynational origins act
cause of growth of kkk moviebirth of a nation
leader of kkk, sexually harrassesgrand dragon david stephenson
liberal protestants, use ssciencemodernists
literal interpretation of biblefundamentalists, revivalist protestants
high school teacher punished for teaching evolutionscopes v us
nickname for scopesmonkey trial
power of state to enforce social valuesprohibition, aka noble experiment
amendment that illegalizes drinking18th
ends prohibition21st amendment
how is alch made when alch is illegalbathtub gin
illegal saloons and clubsspeakeasies
favor repeal of 18th amendmentwets
black is beautiful poethughes
hughes poemthe weary blues
encourage black working classunia
leads uniagarvey
steamshipsblack star line
working class candidate catholicsmith
smith looses to hoover
south known assolid south

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