Appendix 2

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Application Layer Protocols/Applications

ProtocolAcronymDescriptionTCP PortUDP Port
FTPFile Transfer ProtocolTransfers files with a remote host (typically requires authentication of user credentials)20 and 21
SSHSecure ShellSecurely connect to a remote host (typically via a terminal emulator)22
SFTPSecure FTPProvides FTP file-transfer service over a SSH connection22
SCPSecure CopyProvides a secure file-transfer service over a SSH connection and offers a file's original date and time information, which is not available with FTP22
TelnetTelnetUsed to connect to a remote host (typically via a terminal emulator)23
rshRemote ShellAllows commands to be executed on a computer from a remote user514
DNSDomain Name SystemResolves domain names to corresponding IP addresses5353
NetBIOSNetwork Basic Input/Output SystemProvides network communication services for LANs that use NetBIOS139137, 138
SMBServer Message Blockused to share files, printers, and other network resources445
TFTPTrivial File Transfer ProtocolTransfers files with a remote host (does not require authentication of user credentials)69
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration ProtocolDynamically assigns IP address information (for example, IP address, subnet mask, DNS server's IP address, and default gateway's IP address) to a network device67, 68
HTTPHypertext Transfer ProtocolRetrieves content from a web server80
HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol SecureUsed to securely retrieve content from a web server443
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolUsed for sending e-mail25
POP3Post Office Protocol Version 3Retrieves e-mail from an e-mail server110
IMAPInternet Message Access ProtocolRetrieves e-mail from an e-mail server143
NNTPNetwork News Transport ProtocolSupports the posting and reading of articles on Usenet news servers119
NTPNetwork Time ProtocolUsed by a network device to synchronize its clock with a time server (NTP server)123
SNTPSimple Network Time ProtocolSupports time synchronization among network devices, similar to Network Time Protocol (NTP), although SNTP uses a less complex algorithm in its calculation and is slightly less accurate than NTP123
IMAP4Internet Message Access Protocol Version 4Retrieves e-mail from an e-mail server143
LDAPLightweight Directory Access ProtocolProvides directory services (for example, a user directory—including username, password, e-mail, and phone number information) to network clients389
RTSPReal Time Streaming ProtocolCommunicates with a media server (for example, a video server) and controls the playback of the server's media files554554
RDPRemote Desktop ProtocolA Microsoft protocol that allows a user to view and control the desktop of a remote computer3389
SNMPSimple Network Management ProtocolUsed to monitor and manage network devices161
SNMP TrapSimple Network Management Protocol TrapA notification sent from an SNMP agent to an SNMP manager162162
SIPSession Initiation ProtocolUsed to create and end sessions for one or more media connections, including Voice over IP calls50615060
MGCPMedia Gateway Control ProtocolUsed as a call control and communication protocol for Voice over IP networks2427, 2727
H.323H.323a signaling protocol that provides multimedia communications over a network1720
RTPReal-time Transport ProtocolUsed for delivering media-based data over networks, such as Voice over IP5004, 50055004, 5005