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What are the pros of measuring lactate threshold?accuracy
What are the cons of measuring lactate threshold?specialist equipment, blood, cost
What are the other ways of measuring LT?for cyclists - power output can be measured which is useful if lactate threshold is known
What is functional threshold power? (FTP)represents ability to sustain highest possible power output (averaged) over 45-60 mins. thought to roughly correspond to LT and maybe MLSS
How do you determine FTP?20 minute test performed to exhaustion
What are the pros of the FTP test?can be done at home on a road bike
What are the cons of the FTP test?can be affected by motivation, no real justification that 95% of the test is valid, not very accurate, plenty of familiarisation attempts required
What are the pros of the CP test?accuracy - more accurate and justified than FTP
What are the cons of the CP test?expensive, needs a VO2 test prior, lots of time, in and out of labs to perform, need to be in a fresh unfatigued position

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What is the all-out 3 minute cycling test?measure of CP, equivalent to wind-gate test (running) but friction load is 4%, averages the last 30 seconds of test to work out CP, works by depleting W prime resources so the end of the test is all aerobic metabolism
What did Vanhatalo say about the all-out cycling test?0.99 correlation between 3 minute test and actual test of CP
What are the pros of the 3 minute all-out cycling test?familiarisation, quick and easy to perform, could potentially perform it at home
What are the cons of the 3 minute all-out cycling test?motivation, multiple visits, important components, only get measurement of CP instead of all domain delineators
What is the ramp sprint test?straight smooth ramp test run at 5W/sec, gas exchange is measured. ventilatory threshold = LT. 3 minute sprint post VO2 max test (obtaining MAP) and measure the power output - sprint power averaged is equivalent to CP as W prime has been depleted
What are the pros of the ramp sprint test?all domains obtained, accuracy and validity
What are the cons of the ramp sprint test?difficult and motivation based. fancy equipment cost, best performed in labs
What is cycling power equivalent to in other sports?velocity
What can be done with power to duration to work out power?duration can be set, and the power can be measured. eg 3 min duration - measure average power, 6 min duration, 12 min duration etc. fit power duration curve to data. MUST BE PERFORMED TO EXHAUSTION WITH EACH DURATION
What are the pros with measuring power against duration?can do at home
What are the cons at measuring power against duration?maybe not as accurate

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What is the point in measuring VO2 max?only defines potential of athlete, top limit of severe domain.
Can VO2 max be increase?can be increased with training but only by around 15%
Can LT and CP be increased?Yes with training - according to vanhatalo, CP is increased by 15W after training.
What can CP values be useful for?predicting outcomes eg time trial cycling (european journal of sport science) - important determinant for competitions that last around 20 mins
Critical Appraisal of national 2007 championship TT prediction and outcomeathlete was slow so the relevance to high level performance athletes is questionable
How did they predict and maximise race time in the 2007 TT study?CP from previous events. took duration and power from previous events and calculated CP and W prime. > CP = 420 watts. > looked at the altitude of the race event, calculated where he could make gains in speed. > if over CP, tapping into W prime so had to prioritise sections of course. > predicted and completed performance outcome had 6 second difference

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