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What is a needs analysis?process/assessment to gain an understanding of factors that are necessary for the athlete to succeed within their sport
Evaluate demands of the sport:> contribution of energy domains (intensity, duration and recovery intervals) >causes of fatigue > competition schedule (across the year, single competitions etc) > speed of movement > weight category > muscles involved > MUST UNDERSTAND FACTORS THAT LIMIT SPORT PERFORMANCE
Evaluate demands of the athlete:>position needs >strengths & weaknesses >competition schedule >training history (success of interventions, injuries) >age/biological age >disability >weight category
Sources of information:research, journals, discussion with coaches and athletes, watching elite performers, laws&rules familiarisation - CONSIDER RELIABILITY AND APPLICABILITY OF SOURCES
factors to consider whilst designing strategies:time/cost benefit - level of invasiveness - field or lab - experience/skills of support scientist - ethics, health and safety - multi-disciplinary team - coach/athlete buy in - time of testing, how often and when
Considerations with types of tests:constant work (time trials) - constant duration - constant power - incremental for peak power or oxygen consumption - incremental for thresholds - critical power
What does coefficient variant mean?CV of 1% = athlete varies by 1m/100m, 0.1s per 10s, 1s per 100s etc