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What was the aim for study 3?1500m time trial performance after a 7 day taper where intensity of final interval session was 115% of race speed, compared to taper where intensity was equivalent to race speed
what were the hypotheses of study 3?tapering based on current strategies of elite BRtis will improve 1500m running performance in middle distance runners AND 1500m running performance is improved to greater extent after an innovative tapering protocol, where interval intensity is increased compared to current strategy
What was the inclusion criteria for study 3?competitive 800 & 1500m runners > 2yr training history > consistent weekly training volume for 2 months
What does PT stand for in study 3?performance trial - 1500m treadmill time trial
When was the final interval session in study 3 (100 or 115% race speed)?day 5 of taper training
How long was the wash out period between each leg of the study?3 weeks normal training
What were the findings of study 3?High intensity (115% race speed) might be less effective due to insufficient recovery from final session, the volume reduction was conservative in comparison to recommendations which may have affected result, race speed sessions are perhaps implemented because they allow practice of pacing
Were the hypotheses proven or disproven?disproven

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What was the aim for study 4?test algorithm on 1500m track performance AND further manipulation of higher intensity taper in middle distance runners: decrease 60% volume
What were the methods for study 4?same as study 3 however volume was reduced by 28% and 60% during taper for race speed and high intensity respectively
What were the results of study 4?if intensity is increased (115%), volume must be reduced to compensate. pacing strategy was different after taper (first 600m faster) which lead to a decrease in performance - pacing should be practiced in tapered state

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What were the recommendations for coaches after the studies?reduce accumulated fatigue via rapid reduction in volume 40-60% during taper, intensity of interval training can be increased later in the taper (if volume reduction compensates), have a clear pacing strategy, address components of training load separately (volume, intensity, frequency)

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