App Ex Psych 1

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Section 1

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Define exercise psychologyapplication of psychology to health-enhancing physical activity
Belief-Attitude TheoriesTheory of Planned Behaviour
Competence Based TheoriesSelf-Efficacy Theory
Control-Based TheoriesSDT
Stage Based TheoriesTranstheoretical Model
Hybrid ModelsHAPA

Section 2

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Describe the HBMperceived susceptibility & severity >>> perceived threat. perceived benefits and barriers, perceived threat & cues to action >>>> Preventative health behaviour
What are the psychological needs?Competence, autonomy and relatedness
What are the behavioural regulations?Amotivation, external, introjected, identified, integrated and intrinsic
What is the definition of self-efficacy?people’s judgements of their capabilities to organise and execute courses of action
Rudimentary theory of self-efficacyverbal persuasion, behaviour, imitation modelling and physiological arousal >>> self-efficacy
Theory of planned behaviourKnowledge eg beliefs, evaluation of outcomes >> attitude, subjective norm, perceived control >> intention >> Behaviour (see image)
Transtheoretical model of behaviour changepre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance: affected by self-efficacy, decisional balance, processes of change

Section 3

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Research each theory individually and apply

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