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Approval Process step 1Entry Criteria for records
Approval Process step 2Initial Submission Actions
Approval Process step 3Approval Steps
Approval Process step 4Final Approval Actions
Approval Process step 5Final Rejection Actions
Approval Process step 6Recall Actions

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Ways an Approval Request can be sent to an Assigned Approveremail, Salesforce1 notification, chatter post
How many multiple approvals simulatenously25
Dynamic approal?Approver names are pulled down from an object via lookup

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Tabular Simply an ordered set of fields in columns, with each record in a row. Can have a single grand total.
SummarySimiliar to tabluar but allows users to group rows of data, view subtotals and create charts. For example subtotals by Stage or Owner.
MatrixSimiliar to summary reports but allows grouping by both rows and columns. Use for comparing related totals
Joined reportsCreate multiple report blocks / sub-reports. Cannot contain different report types

Section 4

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Rules order 1Validation Rules
Rules order 2Assignment Rules
Rules order 3Auto-Response rules
Rules order 4Workflow Rules
Rules order 5Escalaton Rules

Section 5

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Dev Cycle 1Development (Plan, Build)
Dev Cycle 2Integration Test (Test)
Dev Cycle 3User Accept. Test (Test)
Dev Cycle 4Staging (Deploy)
Dev Cycle 5Product Migration (Deploy)

Section 7

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VLOOKUPOnly available in validation rules & custom objs. If name field (2) == value (3), then return the value of the field specfied in (1)
Dataloader (the downloadable exe)50,000 ~ 5,000,000 records, more objects, schedule regular loads
Data IMPORT Wizard (the lightning junk)<50,000 recs, limited std objects (Account Contact Lead Solutions Cam.Members) & custom objs, no schedule
isPickValCheck if the picklist field value is equal to string (1, 2)
JSINHTMLENCODEEncodes text and merge field values for use in JavaScript inside HTML tags
IMAGE(image url, alt text, height, weight)

Section 8

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ObjectLevel SecurityP.sets and profiles
Field Level SecrityP.sets and profiles
Record level securityOWD, Role, Sharing, Manual
Which type of workflow can't have time trigger"Every time a record is created or updated"
Why wk flow is better than pbConfigure AN action in multiple interval (time), and sending outbound msgs

Section 9

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How many ext ids on an obj7
lookup relationship, allows from what to what?std, csm, ext (all) TO std, custom. Match parent by SF 18 digit ID
what field does indirect lookup match on parentcustom ext id field, unique
ext obj as parent allows what relationship (to child)
ext lookup relationship, what to whatstd, csm, ext (all) TO ext, match ext id standard field
indirect ext lookup, what to whatext to Standard and custom