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Cultural Appropriation - the process by which cultures adopt customs and knowledge from other cultures and use them for their own benefit
Commodification - the process though which something is given monetary value
Assimilation - Ethnic groups lost their distinctive culture through the domination of newly expanding empires. This process is called...?
Popular Culture - Tends to convey a nation of cultural productions fueled by mass media and consumerism.
Local Culture - Rural, with strong family ties and strong interpersonla relationships leadinng to a cohesive group identityand can be thus considered an aspect of local culture.
Ethnic Neighborhoods - Concentratios of people from the same ethnicity in certain pockets of the city.
Distance Decay - the effects of distance on interaction, generally the greater the distance the less interaction
Lingua-Franca - An extremely simple language that combines aspects of two or more complex languages.
Official Language Policies - The language adopted for use by the government for the conduct of business and publication of documents.
Romance Languages - Spanish, Italian both are derives from latin, they have many related words, what Language is this?
Dialects - Local or regional characteristics of a language. While accent refers to the pronunciation differences of a standard language, a ....?, in addition to pronunciation variation, has distinctive grammar and vocabulary
Isogloss - Geographical boundary lines where different linguistic features meet are called...?
Toponym - The names different cultures give to various features are of the earth such as settlements, terrain features, streams , and other spatial patterns of land is called...?
Pidgin - When two groups of people with different languages meet, a new language with some characterstics of each may result. This hoddgepope is called ....?
Creole - If a pidgin evolves to a point at which it becomes the primary language of the people who speak it it is called...?