APA Nails

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Disorders of the Nails
ClubbingRounded, bulbous, nail base. (Feels spongy)
Causes: Chronic hypoxia, CHF, Lung CA
Angle of proximal nail fold > 180 degrees
Beau's Lines Transverse depressions secondary to trauma or acute/severe illness
Lines WILL GROW OUT with nail
Paronychia "Hang nail" Acute or chronic inflammation of the proximal and lateral nail folds.
nail folds swollen, reddened, and tender
Causes: frequent immersion in water
Onychocryptosis "In grown toenail" Usually involving the large toe. Nail grows into the dermis.
Causes: improper cutting of nails, Tight shoes
Terry's NailsMostly white with a distal band of reddish brown
Causes: Aging, Chronic Disease (DM, CHF, Liver Disease)
Leukonychia - "trauma from fake nails" Trauma to nails causing areas of white discoloration
Causes: Trauma, Repeated manicuring
Kilonychia "Coke nail/Spoon nail"Possible Fe deficiency anemia
Kilonychia and Leukonychia = possible Fe deficiency anemia
OnycholysisPainless separation of the nail plate from the nail bed
Causes: *Trauma to long finger nails, Psoriasis, Contact dermatitis
OnychomycosisFungal infection of nail bed, plate or matrix
Causes: Occlusive footwear, dissemination of fungal infections, locker room exposure
Nail Pitting d/t Systemic Disease Causes: Psoriasis, Rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, Alopecia areata