APA for Nursing

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General format standards for APA styleDouble space, Times New Roman Font, 12 Point, One inch margins (top, bottom, left and right)
What numbers are written out in text?one through nine, or any number that begins a sentence
Guidelines for paraphrasing?Cite author's last name and date. When paraphrasing in the first sentence, do you not need to cite it for other sentences within that paragraph
Guidelines for quotations?Cite author's last name, date, and page number. Cite EVERY time you quote the author
How do you handle abbreviations?Write them out when first mentioned with abbreviation in parenthesis, you do not need to write out common abbrv. such as mL, IV, URL, email
When do you use quotation marks?for quotations of less than 40 words. Quotations of more than 40 words must be in indented block with no quotation marks
What words are capitalized on the title page?All major words longer than four letters
What is an Abstract?a brief, comprehensive summary of the content of the article
How are author's names presented in citation?Last name only; no first names, initials, or titles
When citing within text, what do you do if there are more than six authors?Cite last name of the first author, follow by et al. (means "and all")

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Do you cite personal communication in the References?No, references include only retrievable information. Personal communication is cited within text with First initial, last name, and date of communication
When do you use an ampersand?Within parenthesis and in the Reference section
What is a hanging indent?First line is flush, additional lines are indented. Used in Reference page
If no author is listed how do you organize in References?Start with the title of the article/web page
What is italicized on the Reference page?Title of a book, Name of Journal, Volume number of a Journal
When do you capitalize on the Reference page?Names, First letter of title of an article or book, First letter after a colon or dash, the name of a Journal
If no publishing date is listed how do you cite?n.d.
When do you use "Retrieved from:_URL"ONLY for a website. If URL does not fit on one line, divide it before punctuation
If the author is the same as the publisher of a book, how do you list in References?Use the word Author in place of publisher, such as: Washington DC: Author
What is a secondary source and should they be used?A source cited within a source - DO NOT USE

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