AP World History Must-Know Dates Eras 1-3

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c. 8000 BCEBeginnings of Agriculture
c. 3000 BCEBeginnings of Bronze Age - early civ's
1300 BCEIron Age
6th C BCElife of Buddha, Confucius, Laozi (beg Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism)
5th C BCEGreek Golden Age - philosophers
403-221 BCEEra of Warring States (China)
323 BCEAlexander the Great dies
322-184 BCEMauryan Dynasty
221 BCEQin Dynasty unifies China
206 BCE- 220 CEHan Dynasty

Section 2

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32 CEBeginnings of Christianity
180 end of Pax Romana
312Emperor Constantine converts to Christianity
333Roman capital moved to Constantinople
4th CBeginning of Trans-Saharan Trade Routes
476"Fall" of Rome
527Justinian rule of Byzantine Empire
320-550Gupta Dynasty/Empire

Section 3

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622Founding of Islam
c. 730Printing invented in China
732Battle of Tours (ends Muslim expansion in to France)
c. 900Decline of classical Maya
1054Great Schism in Christian Church (Roman Catholic & Eastern Orthodox)
1066Norman conquest of England
1071Battle of Manzikert (Seljuk Turks over Byz)
10951st Crusade
1206Chinggis Kan begins Mongol conquests
1258Mongols sack Baghdad, end of Abbasid caliphate
1271-1295Marco Polo's travels
1279-1368Yuan (Mongol) Dynasty in China
1324Mansa Musa's pilgrimage/hajj
1325-1349travels of Ibn Battuta
1347-1348Bubonic plague in Europe
1368-1644Ming Dynasty
1405-1433Zheng He's 7 voyages
1438Rise of Inca Empire

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