AP US History - The Enduring Vision - Key Terms - Chapter 25 - Americans and a World in Crisis, 1933-1945

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This policy, which was implemented by President Roosevelt, renounced any nation's right to intervene in the affairs of another."Good Neighbor" policy
Dictator who ruled Italy from 1922 to 1943, Mussolini suppressed dissent and liberty, imposed one-party rule and strictly controlled business and labor. Benito Mussolini
German chancellor who imposed a brutal dictatorship on Germany and began a program to purify it of Jews - whom he considered an "inferior race" responsible for Germany's defeat in World War I.Adolf Hitler
The process of making concessions to pacify, quiet, or satisfy the other party. Appeasement
Former dictator of the Soviet Union.Joseph Stalin
Prime Minister of Britain from 1940 - 1955.Winston Churchill
program proposed by Roosevelt to supply war materiel to cash-strapped Britain."lend-lease"
Document that condemned international aggression, affirmed the right of national self-determination, and endorsed the principles of free trade, disarmament, and collective security.Atlantic Charter
Government agency which allocated materials, limited the production of civilian goods, and distributed contracts among manufacturersWar Production Board
Government agency that rationed scarce products and imposed price and rent controls to check inflation.Office of Price Administration
Secret program launched to develop the atomic bomb.Manhattan Project
Invasion led by General Eisenhower. Troops stormed a sixty-mile stretch of the Normandy coast in the largest amphibious invasion in history.Operation OVERLORD
month-long military offensive led by Hitler. Named for the eighty-mile-long and fifty-mile-wide "bulge" that the German troops drove inside the American lines. Battle of the Bulge
Symbol of the woman war worker, who was characterized by her bulging muscles and the pneumatic gun she held."Rosie the Riveter"
Organizer of the "thundering march" of one thousand blacks on Washington to protest discrimination in the armed forces. His efforts led to FDR to compromise on this issue.A. Philip Randolph
Mexican farm laborers brought into the United States under contract for seasonal work who are then expected to return to their countryBraceros
The confinement of about thirty-seven thousand first generation Japanese immigrants (Issei) and nearly seventy-five thousand native-born Japanese-American citizens of the United States (Nisei) in "relocation centers" guarded by military police. internment of Japanese-Americans
Agreement reached at Yalta Conference by Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin. Yalta accords
The name given to the systematic effort of the Nazis to annihilate all European Jews.Holocaust
Ultimatum Truman gave to Japan to surrender unconditionally or face "prompt and utter destruction." Potsdam Declaration