AP US History - America Past and Present, 7th Edition - Fill in the blank - Chapters, 23 - 33

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Section 1

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Henry Ford first used the technique of mass production with a moving assembly line to produce the __________.Model T
The promoter who aggressively controlled many power companies in the 1920s was __________.Samuel Insull
In 1923, the National Woman's Party, led by Alice Paul, had the __________ introduced into Congress.Equal Rights Amendment
The man who completed the first solo flight of the Atlantic was __________.Charles Lindbergh
An African American intellectual in New York's Harlem community and editor of Crisis was __________.W.E.B. DuBois
During the 1920s the __________began to dominate the urban landscape.skyscraper
The attorney general who led an attack on suspected anarchists and Communists in 1919 was __________.A. Mitchell Palmer
The Chicago defense attorney who defended John T. Scopes was __________.Clarence Darrow
The corrupt official in the Teapot Dome scandal was Interior Secretary __________.Albert Fall
The Democratic candidate in the election of 1928 was __________.Al Smith

Section 2

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One of President Hoover's publicworks projects was the building of __________.Boulder Dam (Hoover)
World War I veterans were forced out of the shacks in Washington D.C. by General __________.General Douglas McArthur
Section 7a of the New Deal's industrial recovery legislation protected the rights of __________.labor
The blue eagle was a symbol of cooperation with the __________.National Recovery Association
Roosevelt's secretary of agriculture was __________.Henry A. Wallace
The National Union for Social Justice was the idea of __________.Father Charles Coughlin
The legislation that guaranteed unions the rights of collective bargaining was the __________.Wagner Act
Electricity was provided to 90 percent of America's farms by the __________.Rural Electrification Act
John L. Lewis's group, which was expelled from the American Federation of Labor, became known as the __________.Congress of Industrial Organizations
The leader in the Senate opposition to the court-packing plan was Montana's __________.Burton Wheeler

Section 3

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The 1928 treaty intended to outlaw war was the __________.Kellogg-Briand Treaty
The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine was repudiated by the __________.Clark Memorandum
A 1921 attempt to achieve naval disarmament was called the __________.Five Power Treaty
To avoid a twofront war, Hitler signed the __________ with Russia.Nazi-Soviet Pact
The __________ was the result of Nazi racial policies of genocide.Holocaust
The German Afrika Korps was led by __________.General Erwin Rommel
The American leader of the naval attack on key Japanese islands in the Pacific was __________. Admiral Chester Nimitz
President Roosevelt dropped his liberal vice president Henry Wallace in 1944 and chose the moderate __________.Harry Truman
A developing split between the Soviet Union and the United States became apparent at the July 1945 meeting at __________.Potsdam
A committee headed by __________ suggested dropping an atomic bomb on a Japanese city.Harry Stimson

Section 4

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World War II had resulted in the loss of 15 to 20 million lives, over 30,000 factories, and over 40,000 miles of railroad track in the nation of __________.Russia
When the British informed the United States it could no longer provide aid to the eastern Mediterranean nations of Turkey and __________ in 1947, President Truman announced a policy pledging American support to any countries resisting communism.Greece
The Berlin airlift helped President Truman win reelection in 1948 over Republican candidate __________.Thomas E. Dewey
Following the Soviet explosion of the atomic bomb in 1949, the United States planned for building of the more destructive __________bomb.hydrogen
Truman convened the United Nations Security Council in June 1950 to protest the military aggression of __________.North Korea
Members of the Democratic splinter group who bolted from the party in 1948 and nominated Strom Thurmond for the presidency were known as __________.Dixiecrats
The most famous case of possible American espionage involved prominent U.S. State Department official __________.Alger Hiss
Contrary to popular myth, President Eisenhower, rather than his Secretary of State __________, made all major foreign policy decisions during his administration. John Foster Dulles
Following a catastrophic defeat at __________ in 1954, the French decided to withdraw all forces from Indochina. Dien Bein Phu
Egyptian leader Gamal Nasser sparked an international crisis in July 1956 with his seizure of the __________. Suez Canal

Chapter 29(Chapter 27)

Question Answer
Levittown answered the postwar American desire to move to the__________, away from the central city.suburbs
In response to the launch of Sputnik and to compete with the Russians in the space race, Congress created the __________.NASA
Although most of his civil rights initiatives were thwarted, Truman was successful in ordering the desegregation of the __________.armed forces
To restore tranquility to a divided nation, the Eisenhower administration had a theme of __________.modernization
Some of the largest advances came in the new cultural medium of the __________ which at first was artistically innovative but became a safe conveyor of consumer culture.television
The highway trust fund created under the Highway Act of 1956 helped subsidize the __________.interstate highway system
The first action of the civil rights movement is typically noted to be the __________.Montgomery bus boycott
The philosophy Martin Luther King Jr. borrowed from Gandhi and applied to the civil rights movement was __________.passive resistance
In the South, racial __________ was enforced at all places of public entertainment.segregation
Painter __________ challenged Americans' ideas about the form and function of art.Jackson Pollock

Chapter 30 (Chapter 28)

Question Answer
The New Frontiersmen appointed by Kennedy were later referred to by journalist David Halberstam as __________. the best and the brightest
The purpose of the new military buildup was, according to Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, strategically to create __________. flexible response
The huge economic aid program called for by Kennedy for Latin America was the __________. Alliance for Progress
South Vietnamese rebels against the regime of Ngo Dinh Diem were known as __________. Viet Cong
After the Cuban missile crisis, President Kennedy and Premier Khrushchev agreed to install a __________ for instant communication to prevent any line
Senator William Fulbright criticized Johnson's foreign policy and the fallacies of containment with his publication of __________.The Arrogance of Power
Johnson complained that the Vietnam conflict, that "bitch of a war," would destroy "the woman I really loved---the __________."Great Society
The __________ made the segregation of public facilities illegal. Civil Rights Act of 1964
The __________ was a central part of LBJ's War on Poverty.Office of Economic Opportunity
Part of the Johnson legislative program was Medicare , mandated health insurance for Americans over 65 and __________ , health care for the indigent.Medicaid

Chapter 31 (Chapter 29)

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Nixon tried to win voters in the __________ by appointing conservative judges from that region to the Supreme Court.South
During his first term as president, Nixon allowed Vice President __________ to deliver scathing attacks against Democratic liberals and their allies in the media.Spiro Agnew
Student protest over Nixon's bombing of Cambodia in 1970 ended in tragedy at __________ when four students were killed by National Guardsmen breaking up a demonstration.Kent State University
Running on a platform advocating a negotiated settlement in Vietnam, the right to abortion, and tolerance of diverse life styles, Democratic nominee for president in 1972 Senator __________ was perceived as "antiestablishment" by middle-class America.George McGovern
The gravest economic consequence of the oil shocks of the 1970s was the startling __________.inflation
Foreign competition proved damaging for the American automobile industry in the 1970s and only government-backed loans helped the __________ corporation stave off bankruptcy.Chrysler
Hightechnology industries expanded tremendously after development of the __________, a small microprocessor that sped complex calculations for computers.silicon chip
During the Ford administration, a Senate committee headed by Frank Church of Idaho investigated the actions of the __________, a federal agency involved in plots to assassinate foreign leaders.CIA
In mid1979, dictator Anastasio Somoza of __________ capitulated to the Sandinistas, the leaders of a leftist regime that developed close ties with Castro's Cuba.Nicaragua
The Cold War resumed with full fury in December 1979 when the Soviet Union invaded __________, a move designed to ensure a regime friendly to the USSR.Afghanistan

Section 8

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Walter Mondale became the first presidential candidate of a major political party to choose a woman as his running mate when he selected New York Congresswoman __________ as the Democratic vice-presidential nominee in 1984.Geraldine Ferraro
The 700 Club helped televangelist __________ by providing grassroots workers for his effort to win the Republican nomination for president in 1988.Pat Robertson
The death of movie star __________ from AIDS in 1985 intensified the sense of national panic surrounding the growing epidemic.Rock Hudson
In 1982, First Lady __________ chose drug education as her special project, urging young Americans to "Just Say No." It didn't work.Nancy Reagan
In 1984, Congress prohibited any United States agency from spending money in Central America with passage of the __________.Boland Agreement
Gorbachev was intent upon improving Soviet relations with the United States as a part of his new policies of __________ (restructuring the Soviet economy) and glasnost (political openness).perestroika
The Senate rejected Reagan's nomination for a Supreme Court justice position for __________, an outspoken critic of judicial activism.Robert Bork
In June 1989, Lech Walesa and his Solidarity movement came to power in free elections in __________.Poland
Newly elected president of the Russian Republic, __________ helped break up a military coup and secure the release of Gorbachev from right-wing plotters.Boris Yeltsin
In December 1989, the United States invaded Panama to overthrow the government of drug-trafficking General __________.Manuel Noriega

Section 9

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The__________, best defined as a broad band running across the country below the 37th parallel from the Carolinas to southern California, had begun to flourish with the buildup of military bases and defense plants during World War II.Sunbelt
The young professional golf champion __________, who is part Black, part Thai, part Chinese, part Native American, and part Caucasian, has argued that the U.S. Census should include a label for multiracial Americans.Tiger Woods
The traditional __________ image of America has been called inadequate by some Americans because of the nation's multiethnic diversity. melting pot
Critics of __________ argued that it would undermine small American companies and send millions of American jobs to exploited and underpaid workers in third world countries. NAFTA
What began in January 1993 as an attempt to arrest charismatic leader __________ on gun-dealing charges finally ended in April with the death of seventy-five Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.David Koresh
After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, president Bush created the __________ to secure the nation against future attacks.Department of Homeland Security
In early 1994, former Arkansas state employee __________ charged that in 1991 then-governor Clinton had made unwelcome sexual advances.Paula Jones
The withdrawal of American troops in March 1994 from the African nation of __________ was unquestionably the low point of Clinton's foreign policy.Somalia
In 1996, U.S. mediator Richard Holbrooke secured agreement by warring factions to the Dayton plan, calling for free elections, the return of refugees to their former homes, and a NATO force to oversee the peace process in the nation of __________.Bosnia
In declaring war against Saddam Hussein, the Bush administration justified their actions by alleging that Iraq had__________. weapons of mass destruction