AP US History - America Past and Present, 7th Edition - Fill in the blank - Chapters, 17 - 24

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Section 1

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Historian Walter Prescott Webb argued that the Great Plains lacked two of the three "legs" on which eastern civilization had stood. The three legs were land, water, and __________.timber
The Paiute messiah Wovoka claimed to have had a vision that Indians would gain a new life if they performed the__________.Ghost Dance
The Plains Indians developed a nomadic lifestyle following, hunting, and living off every part of the __________.buffalo
One of the most famous professional buffalo hunters and the producer of a "Wild West" show was __________.Cody
Most wagon trains bound for the West began their journey at __________.Missouri
To lure landseeking Europeans to the American West, railroads set up __________ of immigration.bureaus
Farmers on the Plains compensated for the lack of water with a technique called __________.dry farming
Agricultural extension stations, which helped spread new techniques to American farmers, were supported by the__________ Act of 1877.Hatch
Black soldiers, who were first used during the Civil War, were often stationed in the West and used to fight the Indians who referred to them as __________.Buffalo Soldiers
African Americans who migrated to the west in 1879 fleeing Southern oppression and discrimination were known as __________.Exodusters

Section 2

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The exhibit that attracted the most attention at the 1876 Centennial Exposition was the __________.Corliss engine
__________ described the locomotives as "Type of the modern---emblem of motion and power . . ."Walt Whitman
The__________ first divided the United States into four time zones.American Railway Association
Many railroad speculators __________ their stock; that is, they distributed more stock than the value of their company's assets.watered
Financier J. P. Morgan combined Carnegie's company with others to establish the __________.U. S. Steel Corporation
To centralize control of Standard Oil, John D. Rockefeller led in the establishment of the first modern __________ in 1882.Trust
Between the 1850s and 1890s, the number of patents issued to inventors increased from fewer than __________ a year to more than twenty-one thousand a year.two thousand
Sears, Roebuck and Montgomery Ward started as a __________ businesses.mail-order
__________ is the business process by which a single company owns and controls the entire process from the unearthing of raw materials to the manufacture and sale of the finished product.vertical integration
The __________ and the Homestead Strike were two incidents of labor violence that led many Americans to regret the heavy price of social upheaval that accompanied industrialization.Haymarket Riot

Section 3

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A former shoe salesman named __________ conducted mass revivals across the country.Dwight Moody
Educated upperclass individuals who worked to end political corruption---including Thomas Nast, George William Curtis, and E. L. Godkin---were called __________.Mugwumps
In 1873, Congress prohibited the transporting or mailing of "obscene, lewd, or lascivious" articles with the __________ Law.Comstock
Courtship often occurred at an outdoor game called __________.croquet
Critics of the turn of the century denounced as "vulgar, filthy, and suggestive" a new form of music called __________.ragtime
One of the period's most widely used textbooks, written by a language professor, was called __________.McGuffey's Reader
By 1890, the number of Americans who were foreign-born had reached __________ percent of the total population.fifteen
The leader of a group of Chicago architects who led in the innovation of new forms of building was __________.Louis Sullivan
The leader of Tammany Hall who provided a model of the political "machine" was __________.William M. Tweed
In 1890 Susan B. Anthony helped to form the__________ to work for the enfranchisement of American women.National American Women's Suffrage Association

Section 4

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The Speaker of the House who broke a legislative deadlock with significant changes in congressional rules was __________.Thomas Reed
In 1883, Congress legislated the establishment of a Civil Service Commission with the __________ Act.Pendleton
Foremost in the Ocala Demands of the Farmers' Alliance was the __________.sub-treasury system
The __________ allowed men who had failed the literacy test to vote, provided their fathers or grandfathers had before 1867.grandfather clause
In the presidential elections of 1876 through 1896, an average percentage of about __________ of the electorate voted.79 percent
In 1887, Congress provided for federal investigation and oversight of railroads with the establishment of the __________.Interstate Commerce Commission
In 1892, the Populist party nominated __________ for the presidency.James Weaver
The __________ represented the Alliance political platform.Ocala Demands
William Harvey extolled the merits of silver coinage in a book entitled __________. Cain's Financial School
In 1897, Republicans raised the tariff rates to record levels with the __________Tariff.Dingley

Section 5

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In 1898, Theodore Roosevelt recruited an intriguing mixture of college athletes and western frontiersmen for his volunteer cavalry unit known as the __________.Rough Riders
The biological theories of __________, when applied by various writers to human and social development, seemed to call for the triumph of the fit and the elimination of the unfit.Charles Darwin
Congregational minister and fervent expansionist __________ argued that Americans were members of a Godfavored race destined to lead the world.Josiah Strong
The Hawaiian Islands were known as the __________ because the trading ships of many nations stopped there. Crossroads of the Pacific
American Minister John L. Stevens ordered the marines to assist American rebels in their 1893 revolt against the native government in __________.Hawaii
In 1899, the United States and Germany divided up the __________ Islands.Samoan
One of the foremost champions of an expanded American navy was President Harrison's secretary of the navy from 1889 to 1893, __________.Benjamin Tracy
On May 1, 1898, the American fleet under Commodore __________ easily crushed the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay.George Dewey
Prominent industrialist and anti-imperialist __________ offered to buy Filipino independence with a personal check for $20 million.Andrew Carnegie
A public health campaign headed by United States army surgeon __________ wiped out yellow fever in Cuba.Walter Reed

Section 6

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The term "muckraker" was coined by __________ in 1906 to describe the practice of exposing the corruption of public and prominent figures.Theodore Roosevelt
The federal government authorized partial national funding for roadbuilding in states that established highway departments in the __________Act of 1916.Federal Aid Roads
An industrial research laboratory where scientists and engineers developed new products was first established by __________ in 1900.General Electric
The Rockefeller Sanitary Commission began a campaign in 1909 that eventually wiped out the __________ disease in rural America.hookworm
Rejecting the gradualist approach toward civil rights for African Americans, __________ provided inspiration for the Niagara Movement.W.E.B. DuBois
Labor agents, called __________ among the Italians, Greeks, and Syrians, recruited immigrant workers, found them jobs, and deducted a fee from their wages.padroni
Designed to curtail immigration from southern and eastern Europe, Congress passed a __________ requirement over President Wilson's veto in 1917.literacy test
A militant labor union, the __________, attracted the support of immigrant factory workers, migrant farm laborers, loggers, and miners.Industrial Workers of the World
New Orleans musicians Charles "Buddy" Bolden, Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton, and Louis Armstrong helped popularize the new improvisational musical form called __________.jazz
During the Progressive Era, a new group of realistic artists in America, known to their critics as the __________, painted scenes of American slums and tenements.Ashcan School

Section 7

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Because he believed that the presidency should be the primary institution for leadership and activity, Roosevelt called it the __________.bully pulpit
The executive department created by Roosevelt to investigate corporate and business practices was the Department of __________.Commerce and Labor
The direct primary and the direct election of Senators along with the initiative, the recall, and the __________were among the political reforms achieved by the progressives.referendum
Republican progressives and conservatives split after 1909, mainly because of congressional passage of the __________.Payne Aldrich Act
In the 1912 presidential campaign, Roosevelt called for a national approach to U.S. problems and called his program the __________.New Nationalism
The __________ was influential in the enactment of the eighteenth amendment to the Constitution, which prohibited the manufacture, sale, and transportation of intoxicating liquors.WCTU
Upton Sinclair's novel The Jungle caused Roosevelt to demand an investigation of the meat-packing industry and led to the passage of the __________.Pure Food and Drug Act
The socialjustice movement had the most success in passing state laws which __________ for working hours
For Woodrow Wilson, the most important issue of the 1912 campaign was an economy that was not planned, but was __________. free
In pursuing reform objectives, the progressives displayed __________ about human nature.optimism

Section 8

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The secretary of state who chose to resign rather than sign a note demanding certain pledges from Germany after the sinking of the Lusitania was __________.William Jennings Bryan
To consolidate the country's new position in the Caribbean and to strengthen America's twoocean navy, Roosevelt desired __________.a canal
With the __________ the United States and Japan promised to maintain the status quo in the Pacific and support Chinese independence.Root-Takahira Agreement
Rejecting "dollar diplomacy," Wilson initially intended to follow a course of __________ to settle international disputes by right rather than might.moral diplomacy
The longtime president of Mexico who invited foreign investments into the Mexican economy was __________.Portofirio Diaz
At the outbreak of war in Europe, Wilson proclaimed __________ and asked the American people to remain impartial in thought and action.neutrality
The new weapon that violated traditional rules of warfare and strained United States German relations was the __________.submarine
The issue that dominated the presidential election of 1916 was peace or __________.preparedness
The Mexican leader whom Wilson refused to recognize, calling him instead "the butcher," was __________.Huerta
When Du Bois spoke of Blacks as being more proud and militant after the war, he used the term __________ to describe them.New Negro