AP US History - America Past and Present, 7th Edition - Fill in the blank - Chapter 1 - 8

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Section 1

Question Answer
Native American farmers grew corn, squash, and __________.beans
Most tribes located on the Atlantic Coast of North America belonged to a linguistic group known as __________.the Eastern Woodlands Tribal Group
Eric the Red's son, Leif, established a small settlement in North America in the tenth century called__________. Greenland
More maneuverable ships built in the fifteenth century with a new type of sail were called __________.caravels
The __________, invented at some time in the 1430s by Johann Gutenberg, aided the spread of new knowledge.printing press
In 1494, Pope Alexander VI divided newly discovered lands between Spain and Portugal by issuing the __________.Treaty of Tordesillas
The kings of Spain rewarded successful conquistadores with a grant of the labor of an Indian village. This grant was called an __________.encomienda
The __________ were the first Europeans to exploit Africa for slaves.Portuguese
The creation of powerful __________ in Europe contributed to the advent of the age of exploration.nation-states
The teachings of John Calvin, especially the doctrine of predestination, contributed to the development of a religious group known as the __________ who would become instrumental in the settlement of North America.Puritans

Section 2

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__________was the military leader and religious reformer who ruled England after the execution of Charles I.Oliver Cromwell
The Catholic king of England who was exiled by the Glorious Revolution was __________.James II
The original Virginia settlers founded the town of __________ in 1607.Jamestown
Virginia's representative assembly was called the __________.House of Burgesses
A grant of land to anyone who would pay transportation costs to a colony was known as a __________.headright
A servant bound to a master for a period of time in return for transportation to a colony was an __________ servant.indentured
A small annual payment to a proprietor of a colony in exchange for a grant of land was called a __________.quitrent
The Puritan who became the most important governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony was __________.John Winthrop
__________ was the Quaker spokesman who wrote extensively of the "Inner Light."George Fox
Many of the original colonists to the Carolinas were migrants from __________.Barbados

Section 3

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In the Chesapeake, an economy based almost entirely on the single commodity of __________ created an insatiable demand for indentured servants and Black slaves.tobacco
Because most colonists to New England migrated as members of __________, the shock of adjusting to a strange environment was lessened.families
The best-selling book of seventeenth-century New England was Reverend Michael Wigglesworth's __________, a 1662 poem describing in terrifying detail the fate of sinners on Judgment Day.The Day of Doom
The first institution of higher learning founded in England's mainland colonies was __________.Harvard
Until the end of the nineteenth century, the Creole language __________, which mixed English and African words, was spoken on some of the Sea Islands along the Georgia-South Carolina coast.Gullah
The term mercantilist system was coined by the famous eighteenth-century Scottish economist __________ to describe Great Britain's commercial regulations of her colonies.Adam Smith
To establish a more favorable balance of __________, a nation seeks to export more than it
American colonists were rankled at the establishment in 1696 by England of __________ courts in America to try offenders of the Navigation Acts because such courts required neither juries nor oral cross-examination, both traditional elements of the common law.vice-admirality
The village of __________ was plunged into terror in the early 1690s when several adolescent girls began to behave in strange ways and announced they were victims of witches.Salem

Section 4

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__________ was most responsible for the rapid expansion of American population during the eighteenth century.Natural reproduction
The __________and the Germans account for the bulk of non-English immigration into the colonies during the eighteenth century.Scots-Irish
According to the principles of the Enlightenment, individuals were to make certain that public institutions such as government were constructed or developed according to__________.natural laws
In the search for useful knowledge and inventions, Enlightenment thinkers utilized __________.practical experimentation
A major source of political information vigorously put forth, especially in New York and Massachusetts, to exercise vigilance against the spread of "privileged power" was the __________.weekly journal
During the war known as__________, American colonists captured the French fortress, Louisburg, only to have to returned it to the French by the Treaty of AixlaChapelle.King George's War
The center of colonial government were the local __________.assemblies
The climax to the Seven Years' War was British General Wolfe's successful assault on __________.Quebec
Men like George Tennent were __________ spreading the revivalism of the Great Awakening.itinerant preachers
The__________criticized what they saw as corruption and lack of balance in the English Constitutional system.Commonwealthmen

Section 5

Question Answer
In the period preceding the American Revolution, colonial women assisted the resistance to the British by helping to enforce __________ .boycotts
Samuel Adams hoped to create in America a __________ , an ideal commonwealth of virtuous citizens.Christian Sparta
Patrick Henry introduced the__________, which held that Virginians could be taxed only by their own representatives in the colonial assembly.Virginia Resolves
In 1772, Rhode Islanders destroyed a British customs vessel, the __________ .Gaspee
Parliament passed the Tea Act to save the__________. East India Company
The__________established a civil government for a Canadian province that included land as far south as the Ohio River.Quebec Act
The first blows of the American Revolution came at Lexington and __________. Concord
The British march on Concord led to the mobilization of special Massachusetts militia forces called __________ .minutemen
In December 1775 Parliament passed the__________ to cut off all American trade.Prohibitory Act
The American Congress sent Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, and __________ to negotiate peace with Britain.John Adams

Section 6

Question Answer
Republicans regarded the social gathering known as the __________ as too foolish and profligate for Americans.Sans Souci Club
The officers' organization called __________ provoked a similar protest against aristocratic pretension.the Society of the Cincinnati
Women gained some changes in __________ laws in the postRevolution period.divorce
In a significant change from English tradition, Americans would insist on __________constitutions.written
The Articles concentrated power in the __________ branch of government.legislative
Boston's celebrated "African Muse" was __________.Phillis Wheatley
The Confederation's land ordinance provided for the survey unit of six miles square, the __________.township
The argument that a republic could survive only in a small territory was stated by __________.Montesquieu
Virginian__________ wrote the most influential of the period's state constitutions.George Mason
__________ was the most famous settler who moved through to Kentucky.Daniel Boone

Section 7

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In 1789, Congress created the Departments of War, State, and __________.Treasury
The first chief justice of the Supreme Court and a leading figure in New York politics was __________.John Jay
Alexander Hamilton defended the constitutionality of the national bank on the basis of the __________ powers of Congress.implied
The minister who precipitated a major diplomatic crisis by seeking American aid for France in its war against Britain was __________.Edmond Genet
The United States had little chance of securing a successful negotiation of its problems with Britain because a secret message relaying America's willingness to compromise was sent to British officials by __________.Alexander Hamilton
General Anthony Wayne led an American army to victory over Indians in the Northwest Territory at the Battle of __________.Fallen Timbers
John Fenno established a newspaper strongly supporting Federalist philosophy and policies, the __________.Gazette of the United States
In 1794, farmers in western Pennsylvania rebelled against the levy of a federal excise tax on __________.whiskey
"Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute" was the reaction of Federalist John Marshall to the __________.XYZ Affair
A recurrence of the tie that resulted in the election of 1800 was prevented by the ratification of the __________Amendment.Twelfth

Section 8

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The influence of New England was apparent in the settlement of the Western Reserve, a narrow strip of land along Lake Erie in northern __________.Ohio
Andrew Jackson led his Tennessee militia to a crushing victory over the Creek Indians at the Battle of__________.Horseshoe Bend
Although suspicious of standing armies, Jefferson ensured professional leadership for American forces in battle by creating the military academy at __________in 1802.West Point
Napoleon lost interest in a plan to reestablish a French empire in America when his troops were unable to recapture control of the island of__________.Haiti
The faction of extreme Republicans who opposed many of Jefferson's policies were called __________.Tertium Quids
Initially, Aaron Burr was aided in his conspiracy by the commander of the United States Army in the Mississippi Valley,__________.General James Wilkenson
In 1806 the British government issued a series of trade restrictions known as the__________.Orders in Council
In 1807 the United States suffered humiliation when a British ship fired on the American warship __________ for its refusal to submit to a search.Chesapeake
Successor to Thomas Jefferson as president, __________ lacked the personal qualities necessary for effective leadership.James Madison
Francis Scott Key was inspired to write "The Star-Spangled Banner" upon witnessing the survival of Fort__________ against a heavy British assault in September 1814.McHenry