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AP Psychology - What Is Psychology? - Fill in the Blanks

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Question Answer
______________________is the approach to psychology that focuses on the separate elements of mental processes.Structuralism
______________________is the approach to psychology that focuses on the adaptiveness of mental processes.Functionalism
______________________wrote On the Origin of Species.Charles Darwin
A medical doctor who specializes in mental health is a ______________________.psychiatrist
The researcher known as the "father of modern psychology" was ______________________.Wilhelm Wundt
Asking someone to think about their conscious experience while listening to poetry would be an example of______________________introspection
The field of psychology that is interested in workplace behavior is called ______________________industrial and organizational psychology
Psychologists primarily engaged in helping others are generally called ______________________practitioners
Psychologists who take a biological approach are interested in how the______________________ and ______________________ impact behavior and mental processes.Brain, nervous system
Psychologists interested in how the unconscious and early childhood experiences impact behavior and mental processes are most likely to take a(n) ______________________ approach.psychodynamic