AP Psychology - Psychology's Scientific Method - Fill in the Blanks

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Question Answer
The four steps of the scientific method are ______________________observing some phenomenon, formulating hypotheses and predictions, testing through empirical research, drawing conclusions, evaluating conclusions
A(n) ______________________ is an objective description of a variable and how it will be measured and observed.operational definition
______________________ is a statistic that measures the strength of the relationship between two variables.Correlation
In a set of data, the number that occurs most often is called the ______________________mode
In a set of data, the average score is called the ______________________mean
A study that collects data from participants over a period of time is known as a(n) ______________________ study.longitudinal
The variable that a researcher manipulates is called the ______________________independent variable
______________________ statistics are used to test a hypothesis.Inferential
According to APA's ethical guidelines, ______________________occurs at the end of the study when experimenters inform participants of the study's purpose and methods.debriefing
______________________ involves investigating the basic dimensions of some variable.Descriptive