AP Psych Ch. 1 Part 2

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Question Answer
Longitudinal StudyResearch in which the same people are retested and testified over a long period of time
Cross Section StudyPeople of different ages are compared with one snother
Independent VariableThe experimental factor that is manipulated; the variable who's effect is being atudied
Dependant VariableThe outcome factor; the variable that may change in response to the manipulation of the independent variable
ModeThe most frequently occurring score in a distribution
MeanThe arithmetic average of a distribution , obtained by adding all the scores together and dividing by the number of scores
MedianThe middle score in a distribution; half the scores above it and half the scores below it
RangeThe difference between the highest and lowest scores in a distribution
Standard DeviationA computes measure of how much scores vary around the mean score
Normal CurveA symmetrical, bell shaped curve that's describes the distribution of many types of data; most scores fall near the mean and fewer and fewer near the extremes
Statistical Significance A statistical rate mento of how likely it is that an obtained result occurred by chance
CultureThe enduring behaviors, ideas, attitudes, and traditions shared by a group of people transmitted from one generation to the next