AP Lit vocab

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caustic(adj) capable of burning or destroying live tissue; severely critical or sarcastic.
misanthrope(n) a hater of humankind
misogynist(n) a person who hates, mistrusts, dislikes, or mistreats women
myopic(adj) nearsighted; shortsighted (unable to act prudently); narrow-minded
paragon(n) a model of excellence; someone of exceptional merit
avarice(n) insatiable greed for riches; miserly desire to gain and hoard wealth
bucolic(adj) pastoral; relating to an idyllic rural life
depreceate(v) to express earnest disapproval of; to belittle

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gesticulate (v) to make or use gestures, especially in an animated or excited manner with or instead of speech
decimate(v) to destroy a great number of
ambivalent(adj) undecided; having mixed feelings about someone or something;
duplicity(n) deceitfulness in speech or conduct, as by speaking or acting in two different ways to different people concerning the same matter; double-dealing.
dearth(n) lack; scarcity; an inadequate supply
vacuous (adj) lacking content; lacking ideas or intelligence; inane
farcical(adj) relating to the nature of farce (lightly humorous and ridiculous); absurd; ludicrous;

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harbinger (n) anything that foreshadows a future event; an omen; a sign
calumny (n) a false and malicious statement designed to injure the reputation of someone or something; slander; libel
pernicious (adj) causing insidious harm or ruin; deadly; (obsolete) extremely evil
prodigious(adj) enormous; extremely large in degree, size, or amount; extraordinary
obsequious (adj) obedient; dutiful; subservient; compliant
veracity(n) truthfulness; habitual observance of truth
obtuse (adj) not quick or alert in perception or intellect; not sensitive or observant
bastion(n) stronghold; fortress; a thing or person regarded as upholding or defending an attitude, principle, etc.

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brevity (n) briefness; the quality of expressing much in few words
wanton (adj) malicious; reckless; unjustifiable; without regard for what is right; egregious
bane(n) a person or thing that ruins or spoils; a deadly poison; death or destruction
lugubrious(adj) exaggeratedly mournful; excessively gloomy
abash(v) to destroy the self-confidence; to make ashamed or embarrassed (related: unabashedly (adv) - not ashamed)
circumscribe(v) to draw a line around; to set limits; to restrict
judicious(adj) exercising sound judgment; prudent; wise
pedestrian(adj) unimaginative; commonplace; banalfacetious
facetious(adj) not meant to be taken seriously or literally; lacking serious intent
erudite(adj) scholarly; deeply learned

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acrimonious(adj) full of spite; bitter; nasty
recalcitrant(adj) stubbornly defiant of authority or control; disobedient
nefarious(adj) evil; flagrantly wicked; villainous
egregious (adj) extraordinary in some bad way; flagrant; glaring
nuance(n) a subtle difference or distinction in expression, meaning, etc.
peruse(v) to read carefully; to survey or examine in detail
banal(adj) ordinary; devoid of originality; unoriginal; trite

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alacrity(n) a cheerful eagerness; readiness to respond; liveliness
assiduous(adj) hard working; busy; quite diligent; constant; attentive
querulous(adj) complaining; grumbling; whining
volition(n) will; conscious choice
cajole(v) to persuade someone to do something s/he does not want to do; persuade by flattery; coax