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AP Lang Vocab Test 4

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Unit 10

Question Answer
Amiable (adj.)Friendly; pleasant; agreeable
Arbitrary (adj.)Based on random choice
Bias (n.)Prejudice; unfairness
Circuitous (adj.)Longer than the most direct way
Conflate (v.)To combine into one; integrate; blend
Contrived (adj.)Artificial; fake
Deplete (v.)To use up; expend; exhaust
Eccentric (adj.)Quirky; slightly irregular
Expatriate (v.)To emigrate; to leave/be thrown out of one's native land
Furtive (adj.)Secretive
Inane (adj.)Silly
Labyrinth (n.)A maze
Milieu (n.)Environment; surroundings
Paradigm (n.)A model; an example
Precept (n.)A rule to live by; a maxim
Ramification (n.)A consequence
Reticent (adj.)Reluctant; restrained
Squalor (n.)A state of extreme filth due to poverty
Turpitude (n.)Wickedness
Trepidation (n.)Fear

Unit 11


Question Answer
Antecedent (n.)Something that comes before; predecessor
Ardent (adj.)Passionate; enthusiastic
Blasphemy (n.)An insult of something sacred; profanity
Circumvent (n.)To avoid; to find a way around
Corollary (n.)Something that follows; a natural consequence
Depravity (n.)Extreme immorality or evil
Effusion (n.)A pouring forth of something
Extol (v.)To praise highly
Gauche (adj.)Unskillful; awkward; lacking social grace
Incessant (adj.)Constant; never ending
Mollify (v.)To soften; to soothe
Parsimonious (adj.)Stingy; cheap; ungenerous
Precipitous (adj.)Steep
Rapacious (adj.)Greedy
Repudiate (v.)To reject; to disown; to have nothing to do with
Retract (v.)To take back; to draw back
Synthesis (n.)The combining of parts to form a whole
Tangible (adj.)Able to be touched
Temerity (n.)Boldness; excessive confidence
Willful (adj.)Deliberate; insistent on having one's own way

Unit 12


Question Answer
Apathy (n.)A lack of interest
Artifice (n.)A trick
Coup (n.)A takeover
Desiccate (v.)To dry out
Diverge (v.)To move in different directions; to branch off; to split up
Elicit (v.)To bring out
Extrovert (n.)An open, outgoing person
Grandiloquent (adj.)Using a lot of big, fancy words to sound intelligent
Incorrigible (adj.)Incapable of being reformed
Legacy (n.)Something handed down from the past
Mortify (v.)To humiliate
Pathology (n.)The study of diseases
Putative (adj.)Commonly accepted; supposed
Premise (n.)An assumption; the basis for a conclusion
Querulous (adj.)Complaining
Recalcitrant (adj.)Disobedient
Robust (adj.)Strong; healthy
Staunch (adj.)Firmly committed
Tangential (adj.)Only superficially related to the matter at hand; not especially relevant
Unctuous (adj.)Oily; insincere; slippery; sketchy