AP Lang Vocab Test 3

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Unit 7

Question Answer
Admonishto scold
Belaborto dwell/harp on; to argue a point in excessive detail
Censureto express severe disapproval
Conjectureto guess
Docileeasily taught, obedient
Euphemisma pleasant substitute for an offensive word
Foibleminor character flaws
Iconoclastone who attacks popular beliefs
Maudlinoverly sentimental/emotional
Onerousrequiring difficult and heavy obligations, burdensome
Philistinea hostile person who does not appreciate culture or arts
Providentpreparing for the future
Reprehensibleworthy of blame
Surfeitan excess, surplus
Torporsluggishness, inactivity
Vindicateto justify, to clear from blame

Unit 8

Question Answer
Ambulatoryable to walk or move
Anecdotea short, humorous story
Apotheosisthe highest point in the development of something; culmination
Bemusedconfused; bewildered
Charlatana fraud; quack; con man
Consensusa general agreement
Definitiveconclusive; final
Dormantinactive; asleep
Exaltto glorify, to praise
Forsaketo abandon; to renounce; to relinquish
Impartialunbiased; neutral; not favoring one side or the other
Invectiveinsulting or abrasive speech
Languishto become weak, listless, or depressed
Mellifluoussweetly flowing
Ostensibleappearing to be true, but not necessarily true; claimed
Plaintiveexpressing sadness or sorrow
Solventable to pay one's bills
Sycophantone who sucks up to others; a person who is overly flattering
Transcendto go beyond or above; to surpass
Visionarya dreamer

Unit 9

Question Answer
Benignnot harmful; kind; gentle
Bourgeoismiddle class; suburban (economically)
Cliquean exclusive group bound together by some shared quality or interest
Contentiousargumentative; quarrelous
Deludeto deceive or trick
Droneto talk on and on in a dull way
Exhortto urge strongly; to give a serious warning to
Frivolousnot having any serious purpose or value; pointless
Impetuousimpulsive; extremely impatient
Irascibleeasily angered or provoked; irritable
Mendicanta beggar
Palliateto relieve something without getting rid of the problem
Portentan omen; a sign of something coming in the future
Resignationreluctant acceptance of a bad situation
Spawnto cause; to produce a large number
Status quoThe existing state or circumstances; the way things are
Toutto praise
Vociferousloud; noisy
Voluminousvery large; spacious