AP Lang Vocab Term 1

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Unit 1

Question Answer
abdicate (v)To step down from a position of power
Adverse (adj)Unfavorable, disadvantageous
Assiduous (adj)Hardworking, diligent
Brawn (noun)Physical strength
Collusion (noun)Conspiracy, secret, cooperation
Credulous (adj)Eager to believe, gullible
Desultory (ask)Lacking a plan, purpose or enthusiasm
Eminent (adj)Well-known and respected
Facile (adj)Easy, skillful
gregarious (adj)Sociable
indigent (adj)Poor
Litigate (v)To go to court
Myriad (noun)A large number
Paucity (noun)Scarcity
Pristine (adj)Unspoiled, pure
Recant (v)To publicly take back
Rustic (adj)Simple, rural
StratumLevel , sedimentary rock , skin
Temperate (adj)Moderate
Urbane (adj)Poised, sophisticated

Unit 2

Question Answer
Abnegate (v)To deny oneself, to reject
Affinity (noun)Attraction, natural liking/ sympathy
Atrophy (n)To waste away
Bucolic (adj)Country-like, charmingly rural - The sprawling landscape of farmland and trees painted a bucolic picture of nature at its best.
Complacent (adj)Overly self-satisfied
Culminate (v)To reach the high point or the most important part
Didactic (adj)Intended to teach, morally instructive
Endemic (adj)Native, particular to certain region
Frenetic (adj)Frantic
Harbinger (n)A signal
Inevitable (adj)Certain to happen, unavoidable
Machination (noun)Activity schemed for an evil purpose
Neologism (noun)Study of new words
Pejorative (adj)Negative, disparaging
Profane (adj)Irreverent, disrespectful
Recondite (adj)Hard to understand, over one's head
Saccharine (adj)Excessively sweet
Stringent (adj)Strict
Tenacious (adj)Persistent
Vacillate (v)To be indecisive, to waver

Unit 3

Question Answer
Absolve (v)To free/forgive from blame
Agnostic (n)One who believes the existence of a god can be neither proven no disproven
Attrition (noun)A gradual reduction
Cacophony (noun)A harsh mixture of sounds
Comprise (v)To consist of
Cynic (noun)A person who deeply distrusts human and humanity
Discreet (adj)Cautious, careful
Enigma (noun)Mystery, something that is hard to figure out
Fatalist (noun)Someone who believes that humans have no power over what happens
Heed (v)To pay attention to
Infamous (adj)Disgraceful, known for a bad reputation
Malfeasance (noun)An illegal act (usually by public official)
nostalgia (noun)Sentimental longing
peremptory (adj)Final, dictatorial
Profound (adj)Deep
Refute (v)To disprove/prove to be false
Salient (adj)Notable, important, main
subordinate (adj)Lower in rank, inferior
Tenet (noun)Shared principle or belief
Venerate (v)To honor/ respect

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