AP Lang Tone Set #2

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Question Answer
pensivedreamily thoughtful
piousdisplaying a reverence for God
venerativeregarding with reverence
laudatorycontaining and expressing praise
lugubriousmournful, gloomy, especially to a ludicrous degree
ludicrousridiculous, silly, etc.
mock-heroicsatiric imitation of heroic traits
sardonicscornfully or cynically mocking; sarcastic
wrysatiric; bitter
indignantmarked by anger; aroused by justice
inflammatorylikely to stir up anger or trouble
vexedannoyed; irritated; distressed
jocundcheery, joyful, and happy
whimsicalplayful; humorous; unpredictable
vitriolicscathing or bitter
starkplain; harsh; bleak or grim
picturesquestrikingly expressive or vivid
sentimentalcolored by emotion rather than realism
idiomaticpeculiar to a particular language
haughtyproud and vain to the point of arrogance
iconoclasticinclined to attack cherished beliefs and emtions
imperiousarrogantly domineering; overbearing
insolentrude; not showing proper respect; arrogant
irreverentshowing disrespect for things that are normally respected
patronizingto treat in a condescending manner
petulanteasily irritated or annoyed
pretentiousexaggerated show of dignity or importance
provocativetending to provoke
stridentloud, harsh, and unpleasantly noisy
restrainedheld back; depreived
stolidhaving or revealing little emotion
turgidompous; excessively ornate or complex in style or language
skepticalshowing doubt
tentativein an unsure state of mind
obscurenot clearly expressed; ambiguous or vague
pedanticconcerned with unimportant details
moralisticconcerned with the principles of morality
puritanicalstrict of severe in matters of morality
homespunsimple and homely
insipidvapid; bland
lucideasily understood; clear
mundaneordinary; common; everyday
terseeffectively concise; brief
provinciallimited in perspective; self-centered
prurientpreoccupied with lewd and lustful thoughts
self-concerningaware of oneself as an individual; not confident
transitoryshort-lived; temporary
tritestale; worn out; overused
zealoushighly motivated; fervent

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