AP Human Geography Migration Terms

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Asylum SeekerSomeone who fled to another country and wants to be considered a refugee
Brain DrainLarge Scale Emigration by talented, smart people
Chain Migration (migration ladder)One person moves somewhere, then their family moves there, then their friends move there
CirculationShort-term, repetitive, or cyclical movements that recur on a regular basis
CounterurbanizationMore people are moving away from cities into urban areas than they are moving to cities
FloodplainAn area that could be flooded at any time, but does rarely
Guest WorkerSomeone who migrated to another country to work
Internal MigrationPermanent movement within a country
Internally Displaced Person (IDP)Someone who has been forced to leave their home for the same reasons as a refugee, but has not crossed an international border
International MigrationPermanent movement from one country to another
Interregional MigrationPermanent movement from one part of a country to another
Intervening ObstacleAn environmental or cultural features of the landscape that hinders migrations

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Intraregional MigrationPermanent movement within one region of a country
Migration TransitionMigration rates change based on industrialization, population growth and other changes that also produce the demographic transition
MobilityAll types of movement between locations
Net Migration=Immigration-Emigration
QuotasLaws that place limits on the number of people that can immigrate to a country in one year
Unauthorized ImmigrantsPeople who enter a country without proper documents to do so
Ravenstein's LawsLaws about migration 1) families migrate most 2) urban people move less 3) the farther the distance, the more likely it's a big city 4) most migrants move short distances and 5) net migration is only a fraction of gross migration between two places
Amnesty ProgramsFreedom for breaking the law
Step MigrationMigrating to a place far away often must be done in small steps
Life-Course Changes