AP Human Geography-Chapter 4

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Section 1

Question Answer
Folk CultureCultures of small, isolated groups of people
Popular CultureCulture that millions of people adopt, even though much of their lives are very different
HabitSomething an individual routinely does
CustomSomething a large group of people do normally
3 Important Parts of Culture1) Material Traits 2) Language + Religion 3) Social forms that maintain values and protect artifacts
Non-material cultureGroup of values, beliefs, and traditions of a particular group of people
TerroirThe physical characteristics of a place influence many things...mostly the food options and tastes
TabooSomething a culture has deemed inappropriate to do (cultural barrier)
EthnocentrismJudging another culture by the standards of one's own culture
SyncretismThe fusion of old and new cultures

Section 2

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Assimilation PolicyThe indigenous culture is swallowed up completely by the bigger, dominant culture
Cultural AppropriationThe people of one culture adopting practices of a different culture
AnabaptistsMennonites, Amish and Hutterites
Urban Local Culture ExampleLittle Italy or New Germany
Time and Space CompressionThe interaction between two places is somewhat dependent upon how connected they are (the farther the apart, the harder it is to communicate).
Where does popular culture mostly come from?The U.S.S., Japan, and Europe
Commodificationmaking something from scratch and selling it as a commodity
PlacelessnessSimilarity of places and popular culture everywhere
TransculturationA more equal, two way flow of of different cultural traits between two different groups
Cultural RelativismThe practice of evaluating a culture by its own standards
AcculturationThe less dominant culture adopts many traits from the dominant one, though many things still stay the same