AP Human Geography-Chapter 1

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Section 1

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CartographyMap Making
ConcentrationSomething's spread over space: objects can be clustered together or dispersed far apart
CultureThe beliefs, traditions, social, economic, political, and environmental characteristics of an area
DensityThe number of features per amount of space
Distance-DecayThe farther away you are from somewhere, the less likely you are to visit
DistributionThe arrangement of a feature in space
Gravity Model(pop1*pop2/distance) equation to predict the "bond" between two places
GIS (Geographic Information Science)The development and analysis of data about Earth gathered through satellites and other technologies
GPS (Global Positioning System)Finds the location of something on Earth
ProjectionScientific method of transferring location on Earth to a flat map

Section 2

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remote sensing
placea specific point on Earth distinguished by a particular characteristic
locationsomething's position on Earth
toponymname given to a place on Earth
sitethe physical character of a place (climate, topography, etc.)
situationthe location of a place relative to other places
regionan area of Earth defined by 1+ characteristics

Section 3

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Formal region/Uniform regionAn area within which everyone shares in common 1+ distinctive characteristics
Functional region/Nodal regionan area organized around a node or focal point
Vernacular/Perceptual regionan area people believe exists as part of their cultural identity

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