AP Government Legislation

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Americans with Disabilities Act1990-Employers and public facilities must make "reasonable accommodations" for the disabled and cannot discriminate against the disabled in employment
Civil Rights Act1964-Forbids job discrimination and makes racial discrimination in hotels and restaurants illegal
Voting Rights Act1965-Ended all barriers against African Americans voting

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National Environmental Policy Act1969-If you are building something, you must deliver a statement of how your project will impact the environment
Clean Air Act1970-Combats air pollution by placing restrictions on emissions of the "deadly six" air contaminants
Clean Water Act1972-Requires industries to use pollution control technology and contact the EPA before dumping waste into rivers, lakes, etc.
Endangered Species Act1973-the federal government must protect all endangered species

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MedicaidHealth care for the poor
Medicare1965-Health care for the elderly (added to SS)
Social Security Act1935-Gives subsidies to the elderly

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National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act)1935-Allows employees to organize and join unions and to bargain as a group with their employer
Taft-Hartley Act1947-The president can halt labor strikes, workers are not required to join unions, and more (amended faults of the Wagner Act)

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No Child Left Behind Act2001-"Requires states to set high academic standards and" to help all students meet those standards

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Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act1974-Makes the Congressional budget less dependent upon the president's budget. Made a budget calendar and committee for each house
Gramm-Rudman-Hollings LawForbade deficit and required a balanced budget. This was abandoned in 1991
War Powers Resolution1973-Requires the president to talk to Congress before sending troops and to withdraw troops after 60 days if Congress has not helped
Pendleton Civil Service Act1883-Creates federal civil service with hiring based on the employee's accomplishments, not their financial contributions
Patriot Act2001-Allows the government more freedom in detecting terrorists

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Federal Election Campaign Act1974-Limits who and how much people can spend on presidential campaigns. Established Federal Election Commission.
Motor Voter Act1993-You can register to vote when you apply for a driver's license
Hatch ActFederal employees are limited in how politically involved they can be
McCain-Feingold Act2002-Regultes "soft money" in political parties

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