AP GOV unit 1

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john lockesocial contract theorist, beieleved in democracy
social contractgiving up perfect freedom to have security of life liberty and property
natural rightslife, liberty, property
state of natureperfect freedom
unalienable rightsrights that your given at birth of life liberty and property
thomas hobbesdoes beielve in social contract theory but under a single strong ruler
democracypeople rule
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oligarchysmall group of people that have all the power
monarchysingle ruler
articles of confederation no national anything
constitutional coventionoriginal purpose was to revise articles of confederation
shays rebelliongroup of farmers revolting, straw that broke the camels back
northwest ordinancecreated mighigan, allowed territory to be purchased
factionspolitical party, federalist paper 10 warns danger of few parties, they need alot
federalist paperseries of 85 essays madison, hamilton, john j
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virginia planvirginia wants to vote porportionally
new jersey planwants the voting to be equal
great compromiseeach state gets 2 senators, but then house of reps is based on population. bicamerial.
republicRepresentive government
judicial reviewMarbury v madison 1784, can rule laws unconstitutional
separation of powersjudicial, legislative, and executive
federalismstrong central government
popular sovereigntygovernment power comes from the people
federalist and anti federalistbill of rights was the first ten amendments in the constitution, the anti federalist needed this
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james madisonfather of the constitution
alexander hamiltonfounding father of the constitution
federalist paper 51how structure of government offers liberty
coalitiongroups for one common cause
bill of attainer no jail without retainer
ex post facto lawlaw that became illegal after you commited it legally. constitution prohibits this.
bill of rightsfirst ten amendments to the constitution anti federalist needed this
porportional representationvirginia plan, more populated states have more house of reps and more electoral college votes
enumerated powersarticle 1 section 8, expresses what the congress has the power to do according to the constitution
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separated powersdivided among legislative, executive, judicial
necessary and proper clause make all laws which are necessary and proper
apportionmentus census counts population every 10 years to determine house of reps
advise and concent power of U.S senate to be consulted on and approve treaties signed by the president and also approve appointments
supermacy clausethat supreme court is the law of the land
treasoncapital offense against gov
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fugitive slave clauseslave flees to another state must be returned to the original state it came from
vetorejecting a decision made by a law making body
electoral collegecheck against tyranny of the majority
original jurisdictionthe court that heard the case first
appellate jurisdictiona higher court can change the decision made by a lower court

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