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In a number of European countries in the 1800's, which situation occurred as a result of the influence of the French Revolution?Rise of nationalistic movements.
One important result of the French Revolution was that political power shifted to the bourgeoisie.
The French bourgeoisie supported the French Revolution mainly because they resented their lack of political power under the Old Regime.
In France, which was a major result of the French Revolution?The middle class gained political influence.
The main target of the September Massacres werecounterrevolutionaries (those going against the revolution) or anyone who spoke positively about the royal king and queen.
The French people supported Napoleon Bonaparte because they hoped he would provide stability for the nation.
The publisher of the radical Newspaper “The Friend of the People” was Jean-Paul Marat.
Which of the following factors led most immediately to the convening of the French Estates-General in May 1789?The impending bankruptcy of the French government.
The Concordat of 1801reaffirmed the Roman Catholic Church as the majority church of France and restored some of its civil status (signed by Napoleon and Pope Pius VII).
The principal French tax before 1789, the Taille was paid bythe Bourgeoisie (Third Estate).
Edmund Burke saw the French Revolution as"a country undone."
The radical members of the Parisian working class during the French Revolution were referred to assans-culottes.
The cahiers des Doleances of 1789 generally demandedgovernment reforms.
The seizure of the Bastille on July 14. 1789, was important because it represented a successful attack on a symbol of the tyranny of the Old Regime.
Louis XVI's purpose in summoning the Estates-General In 1789 was to raise taxes to pay off growing debt.
The representatives of the Third Estate demanded that the Estates-General be declared a National Assembly in order toget a vote per head instead of a vote per estate.
The Declaration of the Rights of Man, adopted by the National Assembly, was theprinciples that inspired the French Revolution, guaranteeing rights to liberty, property, security, resistance to oppression and freedom of speech/press.
The Civil Constitution of the Clergywas issued by the National Assembly in July 1790, that broke ties with the Catholic Church, angering the pope and church officials and turned many French Catholics against the revolutionaries.
Which statement best describes the Old Regime in France? The burden of taxation fell almost entirely on the Third Estate.
The two privileged classes in France under the Old Regime were theclergy and nobles.
Storming this medieval fortress changed the revolution.Bastille.
Comfortable members of the 3rd Estate. Bourgeoisie.
Established by Robespierre and instigated the Reign of Terror. Committee of Public Safety.
Led the Mountains with Robespierre. Georges Danton.
Written by the National Convention.Declaration of the Rights of Man.
Petty laborers; became the major political group.Sans-culottes.
The National Assembly would not disband until they had a new constitution.Tennis Court Oath.
Five man committee that ruled France. Directory.
The panic that spread through the French countryside.Great Fear.
The national assembly summoned in 1789 to correct the abuses. Estates General.
The Abbe Sieyes is famous for What Is The Third Estate?
Louis XVI was captured in Varennes (Canada).
The Brunswick Manifesto wasa proclamation that threatened that if the French royal family was harmed, then French civilians would be harmed and Paris would be destroyed, written by Brunswick Manifesto.
Napoleon’s favorite battle was theBattle of Austerlitz.
The National Razor wasGuillotine (method of execution).
The English General that defeated Napoleon at Waterloo wasDuke of Wellington.
The Admiral that destroyed the French Fleet at Trafalgar wasLord Nelson.