AP Biolgy - Campbell - Activity Quiz - Chapter 41 - Basic Principles of Animal Form and Function

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Which of these is NOT one of the four major categories of tissue?blood
What type of epithelium would you expect to find covering a surface subject to physical forces?stratified epithelium
What type of epithelial tissue, found in the intestines, absorbs nutrients?simple columnar epithelium
Which of these tissues, found in the lungs, permits gas exchange by diffusion?simple squamous epithelium
What type of epithelial tissue lines kidney tubules?simple cuboidal cells
How does connective tissue differ from the other three major tissue types? Connective tissue often consists of relatively few cells embedded in an extracellular matrix.
Which of these describes loose connective tissue?It is a loose weave of fibers that functions as a packing material.
Cartilage is found the ends of bones such as the femur
_____ is the connective tissue specialized for transport.Blood
A neuron consists of _____.dendrites, a cell body, and axons
Nervous tissue functions sense stimuli
What type of muscle is responsible for contractions of the digestive tract and arteries? smooth muscle
Cardiac muscle is the only muscle composed of _____ fibers.branched
_____ muscle is attached to bones. Skeletal
Which of these is an example of negative feedback?After you eat, insulin stimulates the lowering of blood sugar levels.