AP 5.5 Lecture

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Question Answer
what is spermatogenesis? production of sperm (about 70 days for immature stem cell to a sperm released to lumen)
what is the stem cell of spermspermatogonium that contains 46 chromosomes
Spermatogonium process to a spermatidspermatogonium goes through mitosis (one pair stays) the other pair that is process is called the primary spermatocyte which divides by meiosis resulting in 4 unreplicated spermatids
what is Spermiogensis process of spermatid to sperm by changing its structure
what are sustentacular cells?support cells inside semineferous tubules
what is the function of the sustentacular cells?(1) deliver nutrients (2) secrete testicular fluid which contain Androgen Binding Protein (3) Dispose of excess cytoplasm (4) Form a blood-testis barrier
Seminal vesicle release seminal fluid that contains _____ (4) (1)60% volume of semen (2)thick basic fluid (3) fructose (4) coagulate enzyme that thickens after out of penis (5) prostaglandins
what combines at the ejaculatory ductsperm from vas deferens and seminal fluid from seminal vesicle
Prostate gland secretes prostatic fluid that contains prostatic fluid which is33% of sperm volume, slightly acidic, prostaglandins, activating enzymes that improve sperm, Prostate-Specific Antigen
What does bulbourethral gland produce?thick, clear alkaline mucous (precum) that neutralize the urethra before semen goes through
What is the functions of prostaglandins?(1) decrease thickness of mucus in cervix (2) reverse peristalsis
What causes an erectionsexual arousal(parasymp NS) causes release of nitric oxide and it'll target arterioles in corpora cavernosa to dilate that will compress the veins to trap blood
What is process of ejaculationSympathetic NS causes (1) reproductive ducts and accessory organs to contract (2) internal urethral sphincter to constrict (3) Bulbospongiosus muscles to contract (4) propulsion of semen from the urethra
What is the hormonal regulation of testesLow testosterone > Hypothalamus release GnRH targeting Gonadotrophs that'll release LH and FSH
What is the effect of release of FSHFSH target sustentacular cell to release testicular fluid
What is the effect of release of LHLH will stimulate interstitial cells of Leydig to release testosterone