AP 4.16 Lecture

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Question Answer
What does the zona reticularis release?DHEA (Weak male sex hormones)
What is located in the adrenal medulla?Chromaffin cells that is connected to the sympathetic NS that releases norepinephrine and epinephrine
difference between short term stress and long stress regarding the Adrenal glandShort term stress (NS) sympathetic chromaffin cells produce norepinephrine and epinephrine
Long term stress (hormonal) hypothalamus>CRH>Corticotrophs>ACTH> [1] zona fasciculata=cortisol [2] zona glomerulosa=aldosterone
Alpha cells in pancreasrelease glucagon that target liver to [1] glycogenolysis causing glycogen to glucose [2] gluconeogenesis causing glucose made from proteins and fats......INCREASE BLOOD GLUCOSE
Beta Cells in pancreasrelease insulin that [1] target fat, muscle, liver by putting them in those cells [2] inhibit glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis .. Decreases blood glucose
job of norepinephrineIncrease BP
job of epinephrinesympathetic response in body other than increased BP
Pineal Glandsecrete melatonin (cyclicly), light suppress melatonin, more melatonin = sleepy
Defaction reflexstimulus stretch of rectal wall causes internal sphincter relax and contraction of colon and rectum