AP 3.26 Lecture

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During fetal development, what was the round ligamentRound ligament used to be the umbilical cord that connected to the mother
What are the 3 connection in the porta hepatis and what are they carrying?1. Hepatic portal venule (O2 poor into ) 2. Common hepatic arteriole (O2 rich into) 3. Bile Duct (bile out)
what is the function of the liver lobules?liver lobules are the functional and structural units of the liver composed of hepatocytes that remove toxins out of blood
Liver lobules are rich in ____, _____, and _____ allowing it to dextoxifyperoxisomes, lysosomes, and smooth ER
what makes the liver unique in term of blood?Liver has a inflow of O2 Rich and Poor blood that enter it via the hepatic portal vein and common hepatic artery.
what structure of the liver helps with the filtering processthe liver cell contains sinusoids containing macrophages and also structures that are very permeable allowing easy access to the blood in terms of filtering
blood flow in the liverhepatic artery & hepatic vein -> sinusoids -> central vein -> hepatic vein -> inferior vena cava
what is the function of the hepatocytesstores glycogen, stores fat soluble vitamins, detoxify, makes bile ~900 mL a day
what give bile its color?bilirubin that came from the break down of heme
what are bile salts?made of cholesterol that works in fat emulsification and fat absorption
function of the gallbladderstores and concentrates bile
what is the pathway if bile is needed?a signal will send to the gallbladder to contract -> releases from gallbladder through the cystic duct then through common bile duct then down into through the hepatopancreatic sphincter and into the duodenum
what is the pathway if bile is stored?hepatocytes make bile -> goes into the duodenum -> absorbed by the liver -> then down R/L hepatic duct -> common hepatic duct -> cystic duct -> into gallbladder
what is the gallbladder?thin muscular sac in the liver that stores bile
what is the endocrine function of the pancreassecretes insulin and glucagon
what is acini?clusters of secretory cells that secrete pancreatic juice into the duodenum
what are zymogen granulesinside the acinar cells that contain digestive enzymes
what enzymes and proenzymes are in the pancreatic juice?enzymes are Pancreatic amylase, pancreatic lipase, deoxyribonuclease, and ribonuclease.. proenzymes are trypsinogen, procarboxypeptidase, and chymotrypsinogen
other than enzymes what else is in pancreatic juicebicarbonate ions and water
how are the proteases in the pancreatic juice activated?once the proteases reach the duodenum [1] tyrpsinogen is activated by the enteropeptidase into trypsin [2] procarboxypeptidase is activated by the trypsin [3] chymotrypsinogen is activated by the trypsin .... once all activated they are able to digest proteins
Regulation of pancreas and bile secretion due to hormonesWhen duodenum is filled with chyme, enteroendocrine cells released CCK, VIP, and Secretin to inhibit the activity in the stomach.
what is the job of VIP (2)[1]VIP inhibited the stomach and [2]inhibited the HCl production
what is the job of CCK (4)[1]inhibit the stomach [2]caused the gallbladder to contract causing bile to release [3]target acinar cells in pancreas to make enzymes [4]target hepatopancreatic sphincter to relax
what is the job of secretin (3)[1]inhibit the stomach [2]target hepatocyte to make more bile [3]target duct cells in pancreas to make HCO3-