Aortic arches and cardio embryo structures

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Aortic Arches

Question Answer
Arch Iregresses almost completely - gives rise to portion of maxillary artery
Arch IIregresses almost completely
Arch IIIcommon and proximal internal carotid arteries
Arch IVtrue aortic arch and subclavian arteries
Arch Vobliterated completely during fetal development
Arch VIpulmonary arteries and ductus arteriosus

Cardio Embryo

Question Answer
Truncus arteriosusAscending aorta and pulmonary trunk
Bulbus cordisSmooth parts (outflow tract) of left and right ventricles
Primitive atriumTrabeculated part of left and right atria
Primitive ventricleTrabeculated part of left and right ventricles
Primitive pulmonary veinSmooth part of left atirum
Left of horn of sinus venosusCoronary sinus
Right horn of sinus venosusSmooth part of right atrium (sinus venarum)
Right common cardinal vein and right anterior cardinal veinSuperior vena cava (SVC)
Allantois --> urachusMediaN umbilical ligament
Umbilical arteriesMediaL umbilical ligament
Umbilical veinLigamentum teres hepatis (w/in falciform ligament)
Ductus venosusLigamentum venosum
Ductus arteriosusLigamentum arteriosum