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What does the capnometer display?Single point indicating ETCO2
What does the capnograph display?It's a continuous display in waveform of the ETCO2- the waveform it'self is called a capnogram
If you breathe through the mouth piece of the monitor on the table to your mouth and inspired and expired through it- would this be a capnometer or a capnograph?A capnograph
What are the units of ETCO2? What are the normal values?35-45 for dogs, 25-35mmHg for cats; Less than 5 inspiratory is good anesthetic drug typically cause resp depression so increase ETCO2 above this range is acceptable just want to stop it before reaching 60mmHg
If our capnograph shows changes in the baseline then what kind of issue is it?A mechanical issue
If our capnograph shows changes in the ETCO2 or anywhere other than the baseline then what kind of issue is it?A px issue
What are the basic principles of pulse-oximetry?It's a non-invasive examination of Hb saturation and measures oxygenation
What does pulse oximetry measurePulse rate, Hemoglobin saturation w/ Oxygen in arterial blood
What are some sources of error that could lead to inaccurate readings on the pulse oximeter?Shivering/motion, interaction w/ ambient light, musculoskeletal pigx, use of electrosx equipment, Abnormal Hb, Decreased perfusionn, ischemic limb
What are some reasons for decreased perfusion altering pulse oximetry readings?Shock, Epi, ALPHA 2 AGONISTS
Where might we place the pulse oximeter?extremities such as lips, eyelids, cloaca,vulva, prepuce, skin fold, tongue
What is the normal range for SpO2 in aawake animals96-100
What is the normal value for PaO2 when breathing room air? What should PaO2 be when breathing 100% of O2 during anx1) 105mmHg for room air, 2) 500mmHg under anx
What does pulse oximetry help us assess ( BUT DOES NOT DIreCTLY MEASURE)?Helps ASSESS (not measure) perfusion, CO, vascular resistance, SpO2, pulse rate
What is the purpose of monitoring ECG during anx?Continuous display for detx of arrhythmias
What are the limitations of ECGNo info on mechanical function of heart/CO, can't be sole CV monitor, can be misleading as it's normal with hypoventilation, cardiopulm arrest, if moving around w/ electrical devices/touching metal then interferes
If detx in the EcG a regularly irregular rhythm, pseeding up during inspiration and slowing down during expieration what type of arrhytmia is that? is it normal or abnormal and which species is most likely to have it?Normal, sinus arrhythmia, dog
When would you treat bradycardia if the dog were under anesthesia<60 Check the BP f the HR is low- if both are low then this means decreased perfusion and want to treat it
What drugs can cause bradycardia?opioids, Alpha 2 agonists(reflex brady due to hypertension)
What is bradycardia in cats?<100bpm
Bradycardia in horses?<20bpm
What is the proper way to place an esophageal stethoscope? what can you monitor with this device?Just put it in esophagus, monitors HR, VERY USEFUL
In the American ECG machine what do the colors coordinate to?Black lead= left leg, red= left *arm* (front leg) White= right *arm* Green *right leg* and ground goes on the chest
What do we want to put onto the animal before attaching the ECG pads?electrical lube is better than alcohol since alcohol can ignite/dry out during procedures
What happens if the bradycardia is caused by giving alpha 2 agonist and opioids?Treat using fluids and want to antagonize the Alpha 2 first without the opioids if possible
What useful info does the Doppler provide in an anx px?Only measures SAP
Is the doppler accurate in cats?No it measures falsely low compared to IBP
What size cuff do we want when measuring BP?one that's 40% the circumference of the limb
Which BP are measured w/ the oscillometric BP device?All 3, SAP, DAP, MAP
What are the limitations of the oscillometric BP device?Not reliable in small animals
What BP values are unacceptably low under anx?SAP <90, MAP<60 in small animals, <70 in large animals

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