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Section 1

Question Answer
Harmony-the state of being in agreement or ConcordStrife
Fetter restrain with chains and manacles degree around the anglesLiberate
Parsimonious very unwillingly to spend money or use resourcesExtraavagant
Closely compacted in substance denseSpares
Ostracise exclude from society or groupWelcome
Lament a passionate expression of grief or Sorrow a complaintRejoice
Mutilate inflict a violent and disfiguring injury onMend
Myth a widely held but false belief or ideaFact
Conciliation the action of stalking someone being angry placationConfrontation
Evade Escape or avoid something or someone especially by Guile or trickeryconfront
Stingy mean ungenerousExtravagant
Frugal sparing of economical as regards money and foodExtravagant
Susceptible likely or liable to be influenced or haomed by a particular thingImmune
Evanscent soon passing out of Sight memory existence, quickly fading or disappearingPermanent
Devious showing skillful use of underhand tactic to achieve goalsStraight
Grotesque comically or repulsive ugly or distortedNatural
Ameliorate make something bad or unsatisfactory betterWorsen
Jettison throw or drop something from an aircraft on shipAccept
Meandering flowing a winding courseStraight
Prejudiced bigoted showing distrustDispassionate
Perspicuity clarity cleanness intelligibility transparencyVagueness
Verity a true principle or belief especially one of fundamental importanceFlasehood
Florid having a red of flushed complexionPale

Section 2

Question Answer
Controversial giving rise to controversy or public disagreementIndisputable
Exaggerate represent as being largerUnderstate
Exonerate absolve someone from blameConvict
Deceitful guilty of deceiving or misleadingon girlsPlain
Autonomous having the freedom to act independentlyDependent
Synthetic made of Chemical synthesis Natural
Meticulous showing great attention to detailCareless
Feasible possible and Technical to do easily or convenientlyImpractical
Infirmity physical or mental weaknessStrength
Accord Grant someone power statusDisagreement
Glossy Shiny and smoothDull
Liberty the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authoritySlavery
Memmoth hugeSmall
Discord disagreement between people harmony
Divulge make known an sensitive informationconceal
Inoffensive not objectionable or harmfulRude
Invincible too powerful to be defeated overcomeVulnerable

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