'Antony and Cleopatra' Characters

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A triumvir. Following the defeat of Brutus and Cassius, he proceeded with an army into Greece, where, in Cilica, he summoned Cleopatra to answer the accusation she had assisted Brutus and Cassius.Marc Antony
A triumvir. His mother is the niece of Julius Caesar, who, in his will, declared him his adopted heir. He effectively became master of the Roman Empire at the time the play finishes.Octavius Caesar
A triumvir. The son of a celebrated father who sided with Antony after the murder of Julius Caesar. He played an independent part in the campaign against Sextus Pompeius and laid claim to Sicily but was relieved of his responsibilities through being forced to retire into private life.Lepidus
Three years before meeting Marc Antony, she had been the mistress of Julius Caesar up until his assassination. He defeated her brother and husband Ptolemy XIII and returned her to the throne from which Ptolemy had expelled her.Cleopatra

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