Antony and Cleopatra - Act 2

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Section 1

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(8) "The people love me......and the sea is mine" (Pompey) to Menecrates
(47) "how the fear of us may cement their divisions......and bind up the petty difference" (Pompey) To Menacrates on Caesar and Antony

Section 2

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(80) "Three kings I had......newly feasted" (Antony) during meeting on Triumvirate
(85) "You have broken the......article of your oath" (Caesar) to Antony
(108) "if you borrow one another's love for the may, when you hear no more words of Pompey, return it again" (Enobarbus) to Caesar
(111/112) "Thou art a solider only; speak no more" (Caesar) "That truth should be silent I had almost forgot" (Enobarbus)
(194) "The barge she sat in, like a burnished throne......Burned on the water: the poop was beaten gold" (Enobarbus) to Agrippa on the appearance of Cleopatra
(200) "For her own person it beggared all description......she did lie in her pavilion, cloth of gold, of tissue" (Enobarbus) to Agrippa on the appearance of Cleopatra
(238) "Age cannot wither her......nor custom stale her infinite variety" (Enobarbus) to Maecenas on the appearance of Cleopatra

Section 3

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(18) "Thy demon, that thy spirit which thee is noble, courageous, high, unmatchable, where Caesar's is not.......but near him, thy angel becomes afeard, as being o'erpowered" (Soothsayer) to Antony
(33) "The very dice obey him......and in our sports my better cunning faints under his chance" (Antony) on Caesar's luck f

Section 4

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A transitional scene showing preparations for battle in Rome.

Section 5

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(59) "I am pale......Charmian" (Cleopatra)'s reaction to hearing, from he messenger, of Antony and Octavia's nuptials
(65) "Thou shalt be whipped with wire......and stewed in brine" (Cleopatra) to the Messenger after hearing of Antony's marriage
(90) "I cannot hate thee......worser than I do" (Cleopatra) to the Messenger

Section 6

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(24) "take your......time" (Caesar) in negotiation with Pompey
(53) "Since I saw you last......there's a change upon you" (Caesar) to Pompey
(78) "Enjoy thy......plainness" (Pompey) to Enobarbus
(119) "Octavia is of a hold, cold......and still conversation" (Enobarbus) to Menas
(124) "The strength of their amity......shall prove the immediate author of their variance" (Enobarbus) to Menas

Section 7

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(3) "Lepidus is......high-coloured" (Servant)'s talking amongst one another"
(45) "Will this description......satisfy him" (Antony) mocking Lepidus
(72) "Tis not profit that does lead mine honour......mine honour, it" (Pompey) to Menas, after Menas noticed there was an opportunity to kill the Triumvirate
(93) "It's a monstrous labour when......I wash my brain and it grow fowler" (Caesar) on drinking
(113) "our graver business......frowns at his levity" (Caesar) on the drunken behaviour